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Ulduar 10 and hard modes

Well, tonight turned out to be fun – but earlier on, it was not fun at all – just tenseness and unpleasantness.

Maybe I acquitted myself adequately, given that my gear is less than optimal.

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  1. Korenwolf
    08/07/2009 at 9:37 am

    Based on the comments from Schizz last night, your description and let’s face it the fact that you got through the hardmode on XT I’d say that given your gearing you aquitted yourself well. Particularly in the eyes of those that matter (the officers).

    There will always be some snarky bugger who believes that only the well geared should be in Ulduar, the fact that he’s a trial appears to have slipped his mind. Here’s hoping that the officers noted the poor manners / behaviour of this trialist and will take it into account later, if only because if he’s throwing his weight around now against guests in a non-progression run (that’s you) then what’s he going to be like when he’s a full member?

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