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So – the time has come to see if I can get into somewhere to go raiding more regularly, since there is little more I can do with my tin can champs than do dailies for profit and materials…

I have applied to Even Odds as they are the raid alliance where I have contacts in the form of my RL friends, and they seem to be less about 1337 raiding and more about rational reasonable attitudes to raiding.

As with anyone though, there is the problem that I have not done the Naxx 10 and 25 progression: this means that my gear is less than optimal…

I have now heard back that the best that can be is that I am on the waiting list: so that if there is a space coming up in the future, I can have a trial. This is not quite what I had hoped for, since it means I can either suck that down, wait for a while and see whether anyone drops out, or find another raid alliance…

In the meantime, I have put forward an app on Kenau to White Rose Raiders. Seems odd that I would want to use Kenau for this instead of PS, as even though there is not a great deal set by loyalty, I’m sure, I still feel I’d rather have two different approaches for two different characters. I have no idea whether they will accept my app, but they were accepting apps for DKs, which is unusual, given that there are so many of them around.

Hey ho. Not what I had hoped for, certainly. But it is an end to waiting for PS’s app be considered.

Perhaps it’s time I put some serious effort into levelling the other 5 non-80s…

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