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Last night I tanked Occulus heroic:  this was something of a big deal for me, since I consider Kenau to be an unholy DPS first, and tank second:  I have spent all my time in theorycrafting DPS rather than anything else, and spending some time on the tanking threads of Elitist Jerks, but not really concentrating on it.

And we did it – not without some pain, but we managed to finish the dungeon – the key to making it less painful on repair costs is to do the Ley Guardian wearing not much more than a tabard (although after the patch this will change, so that the gear you are wearing scales the drakes powers.

And the main change that got us through was the emerald drake debuff applied to Eregos.

I still have no idea how we got through the boss on the the pizza-plate:  I am afraid that I moved too much because I still cannot get away from the idea that I should be avoiding damage pikes – it’s an instinctive ducking of the head.

Kenau only has to do KT, Maly and Sarth to get the frozen wastes title:  if she could, this would be her first…

I can now buy the heroic tanking chestpiece for her, which should be a welcome increase on stats.

By way of lightish relief, we moved to Utgarde Pinnacle next, which I have not tanked before – and did that without too much drama.  I think that tanking may be about soaking up all the aggression of the Big Mobs, so that other people can actually do the killing, but it is a cooperative effort:  I am really not sure who’s fault it is if the DPS die:  clearly if the healer dies, then it is the fault of the tank (in the rare event it is not a hunter FDing next to the healer, or the healer standing in deep smelly).

Because if I have a group of mobs and a DPS brings a mob back to them, then I have to taunt off – which taunt is temporary until aggro is reestablished.  And the taunt range may be shorter than the distance between me and the mob at the time I notice the peeling off mob.

It didn’t seem so hard last night, so all I can think of was that the DPS were restraining themselves and watching Omen:  I can’t really put it down to my threat generation at all, I don’t think.

I’d like to get the pre-Ymiron line of sight pulls slightly smoother as well – dragging casters is something I need to work on.

I’d post the logs, but my logfile is now so large, it’s going to take me ages to cut through and find the right points for each of them…

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  1. Korenwolf
    28/07/2009 at 12:35 pm

    Initial comments, more later.

    I think the tanking went well, no major traumas from the healer, as ever trash healing is rather aggressive on my mana pool and 5-man content means there’s no way for the load to be spread.

    The construct / mage tanking on the ring I think can be cleaner, but that’s a general party thing rather than the fault of any particular role. We’re just not used to the pull whereas with UP & UK we can pull the trash mobs in our sleep.

    Aggro, it’s a pain. From the healer’s point of view it’s our wonderful warrior who keeps yanking mobs off you, almost to the point where an /assist macro might be of use to try and grab the mob he’s attacking back. A taunt + focused tank fire for a few GCDs should to the trick to firmly re-establish. It’s one of the reasons that the kill order is important until Kenau can gear up further so she’s popping more TPS.

    However on balance it was a good solid run, particularly on an instance we’ve only really kicked a couple of times now.

  2. korenmolen
    28/07/2009 at 12:46 pm

    never thought of the tank needing an assist macro – however, if that is a consistent threat issue, then I could bind a taunt to an assist macro. Gets slightly more difficult with things that head for the healer – with the range on the taunt being a problem.

    Still getting used to the idea that I move things or keep them still – totally different mindset.

    Might be nice to try tanking a bit more: I felt quite confident after last night – so thank you for that 🙂

    • Korenwolf
      28/07/2009 at 12:50 pm

      Well “a something”, whether it’s an assist for a particular known aggro magnet, altering your cycle to spread the TPS love around, particularly with an eye on Omen to see if there are any mobs which are looking like they might be pulled off you.

      Something to remember is that once you’ve built threat it will then take a while to pull it back off you so there is scope for flipping your target around to check the status of the pack to ensure the DPS aren’t about to pull it off you.

      Tanking is fun 🙂

  3. Bannog
    30/07/2009 at 9:11 am

    Have now fixed my own “assist” macro.

    I will hit only what the Tank is hitting.
    I will hit only what the Tank is hitting.
    I will hit only what the Tank is hitting.
    I will hit only what the Tank is hitting.
    I will hit only what the T-


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