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They rejected me.:

Thanks for joining our raid yesterday. Unfortunately I have to reject you for now. Don’t know if it’s gear, spec or that you don’t play the spec right, but we would have needed you to do another 6-700 dps on a trial run, and 1k dps more then you did after that.

I can’t give you much advice myself since I don’t have a clue about how to best play unholy spec. Only been playing blood and frost myself. It was nice to have you with us though and if you feel bold enough to apply again sometimes when your gear is better feel free to do so. Good thing is that in the next patch, it will be much easier to aquire some Ulduar gear from badges.

I wish you the best of luck

I wrote a “thaanks for letting me come along” message – but lets be honest – did they really expect me to get more DPS in heroic gear?

Dammit, I hate rejection.  Seems that life is full of it atm.

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