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So lately, because my healadin didn’t manage to get in (too many people applying at the same time, no room, be on wait list) to the raid group of my choice, and because my DPS DK didn’t get in at the other raid group, I’ve been levelling a priest.

I started the whole priest project back in August – thinking that it would be ironic if I could get her to 80 before the paladin got a chance at a trial.

Now she is 80.  And I’m wondering whether it is it hubristic to wish her to succeed where my main and alt-main have failed – to get to see end game raiding – to experience that part of the game that Blizz includes when soloing and small grouping has got you as far as it can:  to see the artwork of the zones – but more importantly and potentially rewarding:  to see the challenges of complex fights.

Don’t get me wrong – at the wrong gear level, 5 man dungeons can be difficult – that’s not what I mean – I mean that a fight which is designed to test the strength of a team – not only their gear, but how well they can play their class – how quickly they move out of the fire/out of blinding or maddening light/how well they can move and yet still do damage, how well they can move the mob(s) around so as to achieve the goal of killing it within a set time – all these are much more interesting to me.

So – where to go with Cress then?  Well this is the difficult part – because she has so recently hit 80, her gear is the best of crafted – this is about as good as it can be.  And I bought some pieces from the Auction house, but nothing too expensive (like the new tailored boots which were up there for 6000G).

I already expressed my interest in raiding to the raid group that said that PS was on standby – I’ve had a chat with one of the healing officers, and he has suggested that I get a lot more badge gear – and some raiding of Naxx under my belt – he thinks I might need about 200 more conquest badges to get the gear I need…  and that no blues should be in my kit when I make the application.

So – this means getting into as many heroics as possible, every day, so that I can gear up on badges before they have completely finished with Ulduar and no longer run that – because no-one runs Naxx anymore, do they?

And this just might mean having to PUG.  If I can’t PUG then this whole idea of mine is probably doomed to failure – because I can’t ask my guildies to support me through 40-43 heroics over the next 2 weeks or so – that’s taking advantage.  They’d like to do brewfest, then Hallows, and play on alts – I know my DH longs for a second 80…

Why do I hate PUGs – oh well – it ranges from feeling that I am to blame for every wipe, even if I am not – to the vague feeling of being used for the sake of some badges – not to mention any difficulties that actually do arise –  words that are said, repair bills that are extreme, general inconsiderate behaviour (tank pulling when healer OOM, DPS pulling because they want to win on meters and will not wait for tank, tank standing in fire and not moving.)  I just hate it.  But if I don’t do it, I can’t get to the raiding.

And there’s a nagging voice telling me that if I hate pugs, I might hate raiding – that thicker skin needs developing.  And also that bad pugs might improve my healing skills.

And another nagging voice that tells me that even if I do this gruelling PUGing, get the tokens, get the gear – I still might not even get a trial – because y’know, I’m just not that good/lucky…

So – feeling a bit sad.  And wondering whether levelling the mage and the ickle drood might be a better way of spending my time…

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  1. Korenwolf
    21/09/2009 at 12:27 pm

    1) PS didn’t fail to get in, just missed a slot. Unferth was lucky and Korenwolf is largely benched even though he’s been my main since I startd playing.

    2) Kenau didn’t get in based on a single trial run, I suspect that group wasn’t interested in play style just on gear level

    3) PS/Cress, call the alt what you like there are skills there for healing. That’s what you’re bringing

    4) More Heroics, I’m lined up for Wed, Fri & Sat this week, free apart from that. We should initially plan to take a strong team and blow through dungeons for maximum badge/hour and move cress into healing them later

    Chainpulling loon ftw

    5) In a pug treat it as a professional experience, you’re in there to provide a role not necessarily have a social experience. PUG != Guild Run != Progression Raiding. They’re all very different. Yes PUGging does require a thick skin. Progression nights require patience, lots of it. This week has been expensive beyond the dreams of the Guild Instance Corpse (hi Bannog!). 2 hours smashing our faces into Yoggie+3 and around 3h30 on Iron Council hard mode. Lots of wipes, lots of fish feasts, lots of shuffling of the cards around to work out how the mechanics work and where people need to be. Probably the thick end of 300g in repairs. That’s how raiding runs, there are nights when it goes a dream and we blow through the entire instance in no time at all. No wipes no problems.

    More ponderings later

  1. 21/09/2009 at 2:18 pm

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