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floaty priesty stuff

I don’t like pugging – I think I mentioned that: it’s a combination of feeling slightly used (even though everyone else in the group is) graduating to feelings of guilt if it goes badly (was it my fault, could I have saved it, I let the side down etc).

Last night, in the final hour before the heroic daily reset, there was a call for DPS – so I went for it on Cress – they all raced to the stone – I was there second and helped with the summoning etc and charged through.

My DPS was not spiffing – I’d need to log analyse for some good numbers – but I stayed out of the purple vom, tried not to pull aggro, even though there was no time to mark up targets and I was relying on pitbull to tell me who to aim for/at.  Not sure if they could have managed without me, but still – we made it through in time for a hearth back and hand in with 10 mins to spare.

Not a glowing performance on my part, but certainly not bad for my pugging confidence.  Perhaps I should consider pugging as DPS before I stick myself down as a healer.  Being a successful healer (in the eyes of the group) means keeping people alive -sadly, this depends largely on the makeup of the group and the type of encounter – a badly  geared tank and/or DPS combined with stooopid standing in fire means a run full of sadness.  I’ll toughen up my skin in WG and on DPS pugs first, I think.

I can’t prevail on my guildies constantly for heroic runs – that’s selfish – and they have other things to do (fishing, raiding etc) so I have to pull my finger out and screw my courage to the sticking place – even if it bears a really quite similar resemblance to the things I hated about work and the playground at school.

It’s either that or level another alt – yet another – because that’s something I can do that does not need reliance on someone else.  I sense my old teenage motto of “I am a rock, I am an island…” resurfacing.  Perhaps we never change, but just grow layers of civility and caution.

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  1. Korenwolf
    02/10/2009 at 3:53 pm

    PUGs as dps are certainly less stressful than tanking or healing as the role is ‘simpler’ in that if you get it wrong there are two others popping out the damage and it usually just means that (a) you die and (b) the fight takes a bit longer. Screwing up as a tank is almost always an insta-wipe and as a healer can easily turn into a wipe.

    The other thing to take into a PUG is confidence, lots of it. You are the person who knows your class, you do know the instance and where to dodge the purple puddles, you do understand as dps that you need to run to the tank (I think I threw Cot on Ony10 this week when he suddenly found he had a face full of whelps as well as dragon because I had pulled them into his cleave to get them off me [the other tank was dead], it saved the pull), most dps are too busy focusing on the pew pew to even think about it.

    Pop into AV & IoC as well, they’re good for dealing with random morons.

    As for the heroics, running them is no problem other than finding the timeslots which I’m trying to make sure exist. If nothing else I need a shedload of emblems on ‘wolf for his off-off-spec kit.

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