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on Pugging

I did it again – as DPS.  Beause I am a wuss, and hate snarky comments about people dying and thinking it’s my fault.

And I waited until after midnight, in fact, after 1am – just so I might just squeak in amongst those who wanted to get the daily done and who might feel that they could manage, without being too creative.

And a couple of times there were people dying, happily not me.  But AN is a bit like that for melee – very cruel.  I didn’t get spiked once, and my DPS according to recount got as far as 1800 or so, so it is climbing the scales slightly.

2 more Triumph emblems in my pocket – soon that wand will be mine.  Well, when I say soon, I mean, erm, soonish.  As in some time within the next month?  And my conquest emblems are starting to mount up as well.

So, two pugs where I came out with what I want without too much pain.  Am I a lucky girl or what?

And the magele has got to 72, which seemed like pulling teeth.  But it’s a case of just keep plodding, I think.  These Northrend levels are quite looong…

Now – is it possible to get a 10 man naxx organised?  I’ve kind of chatted up a couple of people I sort of know, and I’ve sort of mentioned it to the guildies.  I’m hoping it will mature into something, because I really want it:  but the most I can drum up is 7 people from the guild – possibly only 5.  And if my personal score is as low as I sometimes think it is, perhaps it’ll just me me and the warrior.  Time to think positive:  perhaps it will happen, and fun will be had by all – I don’t really mind who’s party it is, so long as I get to go.

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  1. Korenwolf
    05/10/2009 at 10:35 am

    No, I don’t think you’re lucky. Most PUGs aren’t a problem, yes they can be hard work. I’m thinking specifically of the TotC5/H I did at the weekend with ‘wolf. The druid healer was just about geared enough but wasn’t focused (not healing the tank to topped off between the three packs of trash and the boss pull on the second fight is not sensible), however there was minimal drama the instance was beaten so I got emblems of varying stripes.

    Naxx10 – I think Tuesday is looking like the most doable at the moment, I prefer to keep Wednesday clear for the 10-man trial stuff as that’s giving me experience in the fights and the new emblems which I need bucketloads of.

    The group build needs to be 2xTank, 2xHeal, 6xDPS. If healing is low we may need to drop one DPS. I know Sangamon is interested. Who else have you been trying to get on board?

  2. korenmolen
    05/10/2009 at 3:14 pm

    I thought that Tuesday didn’t really work for David – I’ve been chatting to Scribe about Mondays – the old Team Scotland crew was made up of RL friends, and I think that old friends feeling is what I wanted to get. If he (whether on scribe or an alt, remains to be seen) and Ted and Markesa (alts possibly as well) wanted, then that would be a group of people who knew how to play, but were also nice people to spend time with (I think :)). I spoke to Alan and he thought Mardia and Mardek *might* be interested in a 10man – he said they were put off by the MC hanging around for hours on end, but that 10man raiding might be a different kettle.

    So that leaves cress, bannog, 3 from your team – I thought mal tanque and wolf, for tanking goodness and expertise – mardek, mardia and 3 extra.

    I chatted to Sangamon, and he thought he had other fancing on Mon or Weds and since I thought that D would not be available on Tuesdays, I did not include that in the pot. Having a well-geared tank (well 2 of them) makes quite a lot of difference.

    So, that’s my stirring of the pot – I think there are sufficient tanks from our side, and a mix slightly in favour of melee dps, but with Mal as ranged that’s also good – but I think another healer for tank healing and another 2 ranged DPS would be good. Or one more ranged and two more healers – since cress is at the starting end of Naxx10 gear levels.

    I’m pushing for this, I know – can’t help but be optimistic for Cress, since I’ve now put PS and Kenau on the shelf to gather dust…

    • Korenwolf
      05/10/2009 at 3:23 pm

      As you may have seen from LJ I’m trying to pull something together for Tuesday, which I think is on balance the best night. Ok this means we don’t have Tanque, but he’s been spending time on CoD when not raiding anyway so it might be a case of trying to push him into a 10-man.

      Which leaves us trying to fill a tanking spot (‘wolf is geared enough for OS10 & Naxx10) and possibly a healer spot, I suspect that Cress isn’t quite up to raid healing yet (more kit and all that) but if we can get Ted/Scribe in on the act that might be a moot point anyway.

      If we do some poking of people tonight to see who else is up for a fun run we might get some EO bodies in. Worst case we try pugging in the spare slots.

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