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I can has shinies!

So, readers, I bought the wand.  And the tier 8 robe.  And gemmed and enchanted it.

I was handing on my AT daily (they called me the hyacinth girl) and loitering LFG as DPS.  I receive a tell asking whether I could heal Nexus – group ready to go etc.  I respond that I can try.  I ask about the gear of the tank – pally tank in tier 9 apparently.  I am then askeed about my spellpower and mana regen (after I have been invited)  I respond that it’s about 2K and 450 – that do for them?  They respond that should be enough for heroics.

Oh good, I think.  I have just equipped my new pieces of kit, so I really ought to be able to heal Nex with that – I think I have done it before.  The reason why I am shy about pugging as healer is because sometimes people think it is funny, or a challenge, if they act like idiots – and then blame the healer or tank for failing to keep them alive.

The tank leaves shortly before I arrive – blames tiredness and has to work.  I understand, it is after 2am.  I have now progressed down to SW, where I encounter the druid in the party – who also seems reluctant to go in there…  and is looking for a replacement for him…

After acquiring a tank at short notice (also spotted in SW) I see that the hunter is replacing himself – after having been buffed and having arrived in the instance – with another hunter.

The group turns out to be a prot pally, two hunters, myself and a newly hatched priest.

Healing goes alright until (my goodness, could it have been a huntard mistake) we manage to pull not only the planned pull, but also a wandering pile of trash, rapidly followed by the trash just inside the door to Telestra’s room.  I am constantly stunned, (the other priest does not dispel) and the hunter runs away from the tank, making collection of mobs harder.

The group does not follow a kill order as specified by the tank, so he gives up putting icons up.

Only one death – quite surprised at that. I get my Mik’s low mana warning ringing 3 or 4 times in that encounter.  It really doesn’t have to be that hard, guys.

Telestra they decide to go for the blue form first – which means lots of sheeping of the tank, lots of dispelling, lots of ouch…

Throughout, the hunters are missing buffs, taking far too much damage so I end up healing them (the tank must have good mitigation, because by comparison, he is a breeze).

The fights take far too long – the tank comments “lol” quite a lot.  At one point, before we engage keristraza, a hunter is asked whether he hass explosive shot.  He asks whether the group is prepared to wait in the instance whilst he goes out and specs for it.  Erm – wtf and no way responses….

The war mace drops…  and I ask if I can need on it.  I do, and get it.  I’ve only seen that drop once before, and I think it’s probably an upgrade.

5 emblems, but not an enjoyable or efficient way of earning them…

Which I think goes back to my earlier point:-  it’s far more pleasant to wipe in the company of guildies than it is to succeed amongst puggers – the former is fun, the latter is work…  I am not sure whether I should be buying/making chocolate cake for the guildies to thank them for getting me this far in the emblem collection//gearing stakes – they’ve carried me quite a bit, I know, particularly in the early stages.  I am grateful – and would now like to work towards being a reliable and dependable healing member of the team, rather as Kenau was a reliable member of the plate DPS team.

I’m getting used to the healing style –  which is about learning as you go along, since the guides online for healing seem to be for raid healing, rather than heroics.  But nothing stops nubbishness or undergeared party members from ruining things – and although my mind identifies those attributes as what causes the fail, still I am left thinking that it was my fault.  The mantra about if the DPS dies, it’s their own fault never seems to go down so well with them…

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  1. Korenwolf
    09/10/2009 at 3:11 pm

    Don’t forget the upside of that healing experience. It’s unplanned, you’ve not got the benefit of the random cursing on vent / shouted instructions.

    To (mis)quote Commander Sheridan “All I’ve got is what I’ve got”.

    Like tanking bad pulls, healing them is the challenge, can you heal the group enough to make sure the tank remains up while keeping yourself and enough dps up to get the mobs down. Think of it as weight training, not necessarily designed to be the very “fun” end of WoW but what’s needed to get those triage muscles working ready for lifting a raid onto your healy shoulders.

    As for the 5-man runs, they’re emblems, Korenwolf needs them to get his gear moved to the next level so it’s all good.

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