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Holy Trousers

Item Comparison Tool – World of Warcraft.


Hopefully, this compares Leggings of the Soothing touch with my current trousers, Legwraps of the Master Conjuror.


I’ve focussed on getting my Int up a bit, by gemming for that – and my spirit (although that is a little bit short).  My haste is pitifully low.  My spellpower is too low.

I think that the next thing to hope for might be these trousers from ToCR 25 N – and if they do drop, gemming with a sp/spirit gem (must be purple, musn’t it) and the spirit embroidery.  This should increase the overall spellpower and the output.

I’m reluctant to reduce the int on the kit already, because I need a reasonable size mana pool to work with, and the side benefit is crit.  But spellpower means bigger heals.  And spirit gives spellpower as well, through the talents I’ve chosen.

I am now halfway?  more than halfway through my trial with EO, and I’m slightly concerned – I don’t know how well I am doing.  I am trying the social thing – always to get involved, trying to be helpful, but that probably means I am trying too hard:  no feedback yet.

I’ve not got into the col25H runs yet – would I be a liability?

Not sure how well it is going – spoke to T tonight, as I was a bit worried – he said it was good, but things needed improving.

A really obvious improvement would be in HPS – something measurable.  HPS is directly affected by spellpower.  Which is behind the hope for the trousers above…

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