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So, how did my first col25(h) go?

World of Logs – Real Time Raid Analysis.


Well – I worked hard at it, and it seemed as if we were really close on a couple of occasions, but not close enough – we hit the yetis’ rage timer, sadly.

How did I die?  I died too many times in fire – in the earlier stages I was mid cast and didn’t stop and move and splat.  One DIAF at the end was because I had pressed my priest wings button at the wrong time and was so annoyed with noticing it that I failed to move out of the fire.

Other deaths were most noticeably on the yeti breath and the wall crash effect combined.

Deaths from dying in green poo are suicide attempts on wipe instructions.

Healing.  Not all that high – for effective heal.  I have loads of overheal, as well.  Not sure how I can deal with this really.

Choice of spells?  I used too much POH.  Should first used COH then POH – I know why I wasn’t – I was panicking at the amount to heal on the melee group and threw on POH – by which time a druid HOT had done most of the work.

Main cause of wipes?  Well, losing tanks was a bit of an issue – not sure how it can be avoided, or if that is my issue at all – I started to try and make sure I had POM on the tank I was throwing wings on, but didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s job really.  That’s not fair.

Issues I noticed that might be clearable?  When that tank has snobolds, he’s a tank, and so may not be moving to the snobold wash area.  So we have to heal through it.  He had 2 on him at one point…  When the snobold debuff is on him, I cannot see the spike debuff on grid (I think I have to prioritise the debuffs so that spike is dominant) so I just guess that spike is up when I see the huge health drop .

Am due for some kind of feedback on my healing this weekend.  In the raid, I thought I was doing reasonably well – but looking at the logs feel rather less confident.  If my overheal is so high, then increasing spellpower will not actually make my HPS better  – it will increase the overheal.  I am also running OOM  at the end of the worms phase.  Because my effective heal is so low, I keep casting even when the low mana warning has sounded, trying to squeeze out another one.

Wonder whether I am too harsh in what I expect of myself?  Or what they expect of me?

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