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Out of my depth/league?

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Yesterday I had my 2 week trial appraisal with T. He said that I was fitting in with the group on a social scale, but they were a bit worried about my healing output. I need to get the HPS up.

Rather like my own analysis of yesterday’s log. He asked me how I was finding the healing. He said that I would not be attempting tank healing anymore, because he had now done some more reading, and that holy priests really are not tank healers. He also had re-read the EJ thread on gemming priorities for healers and I had been right to work on a higher priority for gemming of int>spirit.

But the HPS is not there. So we discussed moving back to COH and POM, to see whether this would help. And last night, I used those spells as directed, and yet the healing meters did not really shift up that much. I have hit through the 2000 barrier, but not much more.

I’m wondering how much of this is gear and how much of it is me being a bad player, to be honest. I think that col 25 heroic is challenging content, and my gear is not optimal for the process. I know that gear does not mean everything, and that you can be well geared and still make a bad show of things, but this is content for 9.5 and I am still in a mix of tier 8, and a few tier 9 and some tier 7 trinkets… I need the stats to be better to generate higher numbers.

I do not know (apart from getting better gear and knowing the fights even better) what else can be improved.

I am not a quitter – I stay building the castle on the beach even when the tide is coming in. But last night I was left with the wondering feeling if it was a lost cause. If I was just not cut out for this. I cried, and M tried to say comforting things, but I can tell he is not convinced that this is making me happy. I don’t want to give in – not after I have tried this hard. But I also cannot work any harder – I have been sat at the keyboard, clicking away like a mad thing watching for the health bars to change, staring, totally focussed for minute after minute (turning into hour after hour) and still the HPS is too low.

When it comes down to it, I think we failed to get Beasts last night because we had insufficent DPS, not insufficient healing. When I went to bed last night, all I could think of was that I was letting the side down.

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  1. Korenwolf
    02/11/2009 at 11:36 am

    Quick thoughts, more later.

    1) Focus for this week has to be running the daily heroic for the emblems
    2) Ditto mid-week 10-man
    3) UI UI UI UI, thinking more about the discussion last night it’s clear that the UI needs cleaning up to make sure that you have nothing blocking grid. If something is screwing your access to grid mid-raid then either it needs moving or grid does for the duration of the raid so you have no blocks on getting those heals out.
    4) Don’t be afraid to use the downtime between worm phases (for example) to stop healing completely (no casting at all) to get you into full regen.
    5) Have a poke at your kit to see if you can tweak for more SPR to keep the mana pool up a bit.
    6) RAWR….
    7) When are you calling for innervate? At zero mana or before?

    • Korenwolf
      02/11/2009 at 11:38 am

      8) Pad next to your keyboard, if there’s something buggered up with your setup scribble it down and fix it at the first opportunity.

      • Korenwolf
        02/11/2009 at 11:46 am

        Can you login and flip to holy spec and kit, so the armoury updates?

        9) All Epic gemmed?
        10) All maxed out on enchanting possibilities?
        11) Using any extras from any professions on that toon?

      • korenmolen
        02/11/2009 at 1:46 pm

        hmm – the DBM alerts were the things bugging me the most, I think.

        Also, the mouse clique keybinds – I have altered them following your suggestion so that that run-whilst-casting ones are on mouse unmodified.

        I’ve been reading that the greatest challenge as a new healing priest is to learn which spell suits which situation. I think that is my mountain to climb. I am cribbing advice off scribe, and looking at logs as well.

        One thing that I’m wondering about is another addon for my main heal COH has a CD, so it will only heal a certain amount each pop. (but with more spellpower, each pop is more) I can’t use powerauras to measure this CD and wondered whether something attached to the cursor might work, like the one you put on the forum for your tree. Something buzzing round the cursor….

    • korenmolen
      02/11/2009 at 1:33 pm

      Trying not to call for innervate – because I don’t like admitting OOM, it feels as if I cannot manage my mana consumption: calling for it when the low mana warning is ringing with the frequency of a telephone and I have taken my potion and attempted to get my shadowfield out and am still low.

      And I understand why I had such issues getting my shadowfield out before – it was because I had a friendly target displayed – and he will only appear to attack a hostile target.

      I have one mana regen channelled spell in Holy spec – which has quite a long CD – and seems to get me a third to a half of a bar back – provided I do not have to move… There might be *just enough* time to get the whole channelling effect at the end of magnataur and before worms, if I stand in the right place. If I stand on the right side of the room, I need to move immediately on the phase change. If I stand in the middle, then it’s more likely to happen.

      • Korenwolf
        02/11/2009 at 1:53 pm

        Better to call than to go OOM, if you go OOM then you do near zero heals and you’re effectively dead weight on the raid.

        Shadowfiend: I don’t actually have anything targetted during raiding. I have the boss on a focus frame which is positioned near grid so it’s under my eye, this is so I can judge mana consumption. If I need a target then usually one is simply a tab away.

        Is it a flat 5% or is it 5% for each attack the fiend makes? How early are you popping him?

        Channelled regen: Aye when #1 drops run to somewhere safe and channel until complete then come back onto the healing. Because the hard mode fight is of a known length (9 minutes) I tend to time my regen to make maximum use of the CDs I have.

  2. Korenwolf
    02/11/2009 at 11:52 am

    12) You have a free self heal… (herbalism based). That’s your “I’m standing in fire” button. Strafe while hitting the emergency combination. I normally whack swiftmend on myself while running if it’s cool in that situation.

    • korenmolen
      02/11/2009 at 1:39 pm

      I have Desperate prayer, available in the holy talent tree but have not taken it – not sure whether to – and if so, what other talents to tweak (I tweaked talent spec before Friday, I tweaked spell choice on saturday, I’m trying to change one game “modifier” at a time, so changing spec without changing gear at the same time might be the next step.

      Aside from DIAF, I die most frequently to icehowl’s icybreath + massive crash. All other logged deaths are wipe request deaths. I wish I did not have a CD on my shield (disc priests can talent to have no CD on casting shields) so I could keep it up completely through that phase. I can “trinket” out of the first icy breath with Everyman for himself, but that is a major survivability problem.

      • Korenwolf
        02/11/2009 at 1:54 pm

        Icy Breath + Crash in quick succession is a pain, there’s not a lot healers can do except to make sure hots are up as far as possible (I aim to whack WGrowth out as either is about to happpen so there’s pre-emptive healing happening).

  3. korenmolen
    02/11/2009 at 2:06 pm

    The holy spec has no gems that are not epic, no enchants that are not “proper”.

    When the boy is upstairs for his afternoon nap (only about an hour and a half to go now), I’ll log for holy spec to reset the armory.

    I was discussing getting the drafted 245 non-tier robe in vent with you – I have compared it with the tier options available (both 9 and 9.5) and with the current robe and will post a comparison.

    The cost of the crusader orbs is probably the biggest issue – my stack of moonshroud is probably almost there, and if I can borrow a CD from you that would help. The question is whether to get the robe made or not.

    The biggest stat increases that could be made are in my robe and trousers. I think. The new tier sets seem to have lots more Int on them anyway, which would give a little space for some spirit/spellpower gemming choices.

    So… it’s a case of I am undergeared, how can I fix this, and I am less experienced at right-heal-right-place than my other raid healers, and am getting in there too late,,,

    Undergeared leads to a certain stamina deficit as well (which might be behind the icehowl freeze> wallcrash>instadeath problem.

    This is all about min-maxing, so seems a little bit anal – but I’m working by the Tesco’s motto of Every little helps… I’m not slacking in failing to concentrate, so how else can I twist another (average) 500 HPS from my gear in the next fortnight…?

    • Korenwolf
      02/11/2009 at 2:58 pm

      I’ve got a Mooncloth CD floating at the moment and cloth in the bank. If you’ve got enough emblems for upgrades I’d pop for those as well (aiming for the “anything is good” at this point).

      I think fixing the mana issues has to be a priority, maybe shifting some SP into SPR, worth checking with RAWR to see what the difference would be by tweaking kit and shifting gemming / enchant options.

      I’ve moved my kit around a bit over time, initially pushing hard on SPR for regen purposes so I was viable during the whole fight (including innervate and a pot), I’m now shifting to SP from SPR as gear changes are kicking in and still tuning my playstyle to pull back from healing at key points to allow the five second rule to kick in. Particularly at changes and burrows.

      • korenmolen
        02/11/2009 at 5:06 pm

        yeah – I think I am afflicted by panic – there will be no future tweaking if I cannot pass the current bar…

        I have now blown all of kenau’s triumph emblems on crusader orbs, and have enough to make the robe – and I have the two gems – just need 2 more bits of moonshroud. My banker has spent up and borrowed money from the other alts, so I am hoping the investment of over 5K will turn out to be a good one.

        That should mean a major increase in basic stats. Not sure how to gem for the red/yellow/blue slots, but think that spirit will probably be in the blue one…

  4. Korenwolf
    02/11/2009 at 5:30 pm

    Poke me in game for moonshroud and I’ll raid the mage.

    Things to do to raise money 🙂

    1) Quest in NR, there’s gold in them there quests, particularly if it’s an 80 who doesn’t need the kit.
    2) Check the patch notes, flog artic fur now and stockpile borean leather
    3) WoW is a “short market”, flog now and buy back cheaper when you need it for the current level of mats.
    4) Farm for old world mats, as I proved over the weekend people are willing to blow nearly 1k on mats when power levelling a profession because they can’t be arsed to trudge all over the old world for herbs and the like.

    Random other things on the raiding.

    Stop panicing 🙂

    Wipes are not your fault, there is sufficient healing (see your overheals), stop analysing to the nth degree on whether it was your fault. Focus on getting the heals out and managing your mana, eyes on the floor for piles of evil. You’ve enough to be focusing on without focusing on wipes.

    On the heroic mode focus on the flow of the fight, the damage in beasts is predictable.

    p1) Big dude
    Snobold damage – small but persistent, people cannot die to them or we wipe.
    Fire – Big spike which we cannot heal through if it ticks twice, debuff for 10 seconds or so which causes further damage and increases fire damage
    Stomp – Spike on melee and announced by dbm.

    p2) Worm club
    Healing through toxin and area damage by bile.

    p3) crash and breath damage, raid filling is the order of the day. Get the hell out of the way if he’s coming at you; spread

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