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Progression raiding…

is brutal for expenses. I have been through consumables like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t mind stocking up on candles, but the cost of fish feasts and flasks is starting to show. Especially as I’ve not found any frost lotus for ages. Happily the flasks last twice as long.

I’m starting to feel slightly more positive about things. On Friday we downed Northrend Beasts 25 (H) and proved it can be done! I even chipped in by throwing Devouring Plague on the yeti – it didn’t do much, but since we had only 30 seconds left at the end before the enrage timer, I like to think it did something,

Jaraxxus is something else – I’m having to learn a completely different bias for spellcasting. Problems I’m having atm are mainly with the Mistress Kiss debuff – which locks out non-instant spellcasts when I really want to cast non-instants – like greater heal on the person with the Incinerate Flesh debuff, add to which the odd infernal. Remembering to keep moving when I have the Legion Flames debuff is difficult – counter intuitive when you are focussed on the process of healing everything the grid.

Although, running away when you have an infernal chasing you into the path of a Legion Flamee is not altogether optimal. Fail Angel is turning up distressingly often.

The only way to survive Spinning spike is to shove on shield and hope someone else as noticed how vulnerable you are. Means you cannot heal, since you come down right in the melee, and have to run back out to the outside.

Thanks to spending all my DKP and 75 triumphs I now have some smashing new trousers. And I also have a new ring. The next area for upgrades is a new hat and new trinketry.

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  1. Korenwolf
    10/11/2009 at 12:02 pm

    What are you doing with herbs you’re getting while hunting for frostlotus? My current plan on that front is I’m farming for herbs and hopefully F.L., however any spare which isn’t used for crafting (and selling) is sold as raw mats on the AH to pay for buying FL mid-week (don’t attempt to buy at the weekend).

    Stone shards are being converted to honour and then into uncut epic gems which are used for cutting or flogging on the AH.

    Dailies, work out which are the quick ones on your most effective alt (Korenwolf at the moment) and blow through those (fire + harpoons at the vault), drag and drop, the cauldron one, and the three around the village (saronite mine, x-kills and the escort up the hill).

    That’s an easy 91 gold.

    PUG. Flog the greys, shard the greens and flog the mats.

    Got cooldowns which you’re not farming for your own use? Buy in mats cheap (calculator time), craft and sell (which reminds me I need to be in the habit of aadvertising my titansteel CD, worth about 20g last time I checked)

  2. korenmolen
    10/11/2009 at 4:12 pm

    hmm – well I’m just breaking even – I did go tom IOQD the other day, but that was more about wanting a change.

    I’ve been milling the herbs and making enchant vellums with them – doing the argent tournament dailies where possible, and the cooking and fishing.

    I don’t know. Last night I think I spent 145G on repairs on a 10man run – and I don’t quite make that much on average each day on a raid day – with 5 days heavy on the raid consumables, that means days when I have to earn considerably more than the non-raid day. See what I mean? Raid days mean I need to earn 100G and non raid 200-250G to maintain a lead.

    And I admit, I have been fishing, Because I refuse to pay for fish feasts or the fish themselves. That can be an hour’s worth of time, but it is less like work, and more like looking at scenery.

    • Korenwolf
      10/11/2009 at 4:18 pm

      Hard mode stuff will always be expensive. 3.3 might actually make things easier with the new LFG and random dungeon rewards.

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