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EO Raiding. And Team Tincan

I am now a raider.

I still can’t believe it, really. I’m kind of hoping that it’s not accidental – perhaps at some point there will be a welcome message on the forum and a nudge for a guild invitation.

Last night they had the first kill on Jaraxxus (H) – I wasn’t there – I was on standby. This is the first time I have not been actually *in* a raid since my trial. I think I’m going to have to find something else to do whilst on standby – I think I did 19 dailies and was starting on another set on an alt when Teamtincan met up, and decided we could do some easy heroics.

Team Tincan is not really an appropriate name any more – last night’s composition included a DK, a mage, a drood, priest and a paladin.

Rici has been bear tanking since level thirty-something, and I think she’s getting better at the skill – the stats need improving though. But for some reason, she is better at it than Bannog the warrior.

I’m quite pleased I was able to keep her up though – with a health pool that small, and with a dodge rating also pretty low (19% apparently) there were a few hairy moments. I’m not counting the mispull on Telestra- that’s an aggro misjudgment.

But Rici is better with the taunting than Bannog – there were a few magely aggro and healer aggro moments, and she had them under control. I think he could get quite good at this.

So – both Mal and Rici want to go emblem hunting – time for Cress to give a little back. And what I don’t need from conquerors emblems can either be spent on an off spec set, or some epig gems or a PVP set.

We finished off with a WG battle. M still hasn’t got into the whole “yes, you die a lot, but if you kill plenty of horde in the process that’s fine” mentality… I spent a productive time on the guns, and was happy to bombard siege vehicles.

If faction champions really is that bad, I think I need a PVP trinket – there’s one with spellpower and a snare release.

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  1. Bluebottle
    15/11/2009 at 8:59 pm

    I doubt you’ll get poked for a guild invite, a lot of people in the group are in their own guilds. Best thing is log on with an alt you don’t mind not being in AB and ask for an invite for them so you can access the bank for stuff.

  2. korenmolen
    15/11/2009 at 9:17 pm

    I poked Markesa for an invite. Now that EO is a raid guild, rather than raid alliance, each raider who is a full member is expected to become one – by the start of cataclysm, that is.

    I’ll still be hanging in /drum though.

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