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Heroics, Conquerors and the off-spec set

I owe a lot of my guildies – they helped me out when I was collecting conqueror’s tokens so that at least I had something to wear for my EO app – and something to demonstrate that I was at least willing to work my butt off and not have gear handed to me. Lets be honest, I know I was carried for the first two-three weeks of my trial, gearwise, but I had bought the maximum amount I could with the resources available to me, and gemmed and enchanted its socks off.

Now I have three pieces of triumph gear, one of which is triumph+ (as opposed to tribute triumph, which I think of as triumph ++) for my main set.

But do I use the conquerors that are mounting up on a DPS starter set, so I can gem and enchant it for DPS? I’m torn.

Short market theory: the Bigger Better Faster T10 will be here soon. When patch 3.3 drops, no-one in their right mind will actually *want* to hang around in Coliseum, that tiny claustrophobic circle of hell. The only reason to do so is to get an achievement. The triumph tokens that drop off bosses will already be superceded as purchase tokens for the better gear from Icecrown. The gear that drops at so much bitter cost of blood and repair bills will be superceded too – just as raiding U25, even on hard modes is so terribly passe, so too will Coliseum be.

There are a few drops in Coliseum that are pretty spiffy – but none of them are so fantastic – it’s a training ground, a gear reset.

If I use my conqueror’s tokens on a DPS offset, which is already triumph – then when the patch hits, that offset will be frost(—). Not really worth it.

So if I don’t spend the conqs on the DPS offset, what do I want them for? Well, they are just mounting up now. I could spend them on a PVP set that would mean I died marginally less frequently. Or cash them in for an heirloom item for an alt to level with. Or turn them into epic gems.

On the whole, I’m leaning towards the PVP set – I have two PVP items at the moment, other than the basic tailored PVP set – and it would be nice to be slightly less squishy. I’m never going to actually *kill* a rogue, but it is nice to keep him tied up on me for a little while whilst my buddies move in on him.

Oh, and I’m wondering about getting the sp111 PVP trinket – which has a snare release. Because that might actually be helpful for faction champs.

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