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Gearing the shadow priest

Now that I have just about finished gearing Cress for her main job, I’m going to seriously think about the other spec she has – shadow.

I’ve made the decision to spend more time in Wintergrasp to get honour and tokens and to spend my conqueror’s tokens on an off-off spec for PVP – if there is nothing more satisfying than killing a rogue on the opposing side, there is a little satisfaction in being able to run away (and live) behind a wall and heal up, rather than dying on the spot to the first hit. Every little counts, and the improvement in my gear has a direct effect on my survivability to run away and live another day.

Now, however for the shadow spec. I copied the cookie cutter build from shadowpriest.com and now need to work on getting a second set together, so that if I learn the skills, I can actually be some use in a raid. At the moment, unless I am on a single target, my damage is poor – not enough front end damage. However, it is satisfying that my damage still ticks even when I am running away/paralysed/feared.

At the moment, I am wearing enough to get me more than over hit cap – I have maxed out misery and shadow focus, and so the hit cap is 289. I am way over that in the current gear, and the only enchant that I have that gives hit is Icewalker.

If I now have used enough triumph emblems on my main set, perhaps if they build up to satisfying amounts, I can work on my offspec set – so I have something that is dedicated to doing the job, and which I can gem and enchant to that end. Of the pieces in the current set, I am aiming for spellpower as a priority. According to Z, the numbers should be as follows:-

1 Spellpower = Crit= 0.761 haste = 0.651 Spirit = 0.341 Int = 0.231 Hit = 1.58 (unless at hitcap)

I am a bit of nub (no really?) so I’m going to try and focus on spellpower, followed by spellpower/crit and spellpower/haste gem combos. And hope that the base stats on the actual bits of kit bump up the base stats of spirit and int. It seems a bit counter-intuitive, since the mana regen and mana capacity aspects of int and spirit can only be increased by raid buffs from Arcane Brilliance and Divine Spirit and Blessing of Kings – but who am I to argue? Perhaps it is one of those situations where throughput is the most important thing. And at least there is the helpful effect of replenishment and the ultimate “run away little girl !” effect of Dispersion which allows you to regain a little bit of mana, freedom, and possibly the right to breath again, if you are lucky.

Such a shame I can’t really go farming 10mans for triumph emblems for this kit, now I’m going to be busy on 10man raid nights. But RL has to win out over WoW – I doubt I’ll look back in 5 years and regret not collecting tokens for a second set – I might regret not doing the Monday and Thursday Dutch classes though.

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