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PvP and the shadow priest I

So, I’m wondering about PvP, and my first step (after getting the basic tailored set) has been to improve some pieces through the honor system, and to use up some of my conqueror’s tokens on some PVP gear, filling slots with mostly resilience gems (regardless of gemslot bonuses). When I have the complete set (a few more conqs to get my shoulders….) then I’ll upgrade it from triumphs, when patch 3.3 drops next week… It is surprisingly enjoyable being able to bomb and shoot things when in a bad mood. And so cleansing for the mind – this is so happily black and white – if it’s red it’s dead etc etc…

I am surprised that I have managed to live so long – I die all the time, but compared to the costs of wiping in progression raids, it is like swatting a gnat. And in a BG, I am starting to find that if I stick to one particular thing that works better. I’m also staggered that I end up with sometimes as many as three of them trying to squash me… which is a bit of a joke really…

I’m stuck between healing in BGs and pewpew – the holy healing thing is a bit of a joke really – it seems that hardly anyone wants to be healed – after all, if they did, they would actually stand between that *huge* tauren and me… and soak up any heals. But no – they think that a single priest can defend somewhere on their own…. OK, perhaps it is possible for a single priest to take down a warlock and a rogue, but I can’t yet. My bad. I’m a nub.

So, a recent experiment with a PvP disc spec did not fill me with joy – I am going to leave that for a bit longer – and go back to a slightly modified PvP shadow spec. I have no idea if this is a good one – I just picked a few talents off the tree that seemed especially useful in PVP [Psychic Horror] [Improved Shadowform] [Veiled Shadows] and took some of the mana regen talents away – on the basis that I will probably not live long enough to run oom…

Here is the current build

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  1. Korenwolf
    04/12/2009 at 5:40 pm

    Don’t underestimate the use of good raid healers in BGs, if there’s a good group in they will realise there’s a healer and spend some effort in keeping you alive because you keep them up longer.

    Pewpew works as well, particularly burst style damage. I’m finding that a level 63 rogue is massively OP in pvp, hello Mr Stunlock, bye bye Mr Hordie, it wasn’t nice knowing you.

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