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Trial of the Grand Crusader (25)

It’s taking a pretty long time to stabilise Faction Champs – I guess it is because it is unlike any normal fight – the threat mechanics being as they are means that it is not possible for the three usual roles to be chosen and stuck to.

I have now been on three successful runs of this, and I greatly prefer my assignment to be friendly dispel and occasional heal – because when I am just healing, I find that I have so much to heal that I stay still, and thus seem to become a target. When on dispel whack-a-mole with Decursive, I wipe off the DOTs as fast as I can, even if they are not more than one stack deep, running as I cast, and trying to keep one eye on Grid, a glance at Prayer-of-Mending-Tracker to see if my POM has expired, a look at Power Auras to see if there is a COH active, and another eye on the room, to see that I am not running too close to any cc’d targets (this is one I still need to work on) Sometimes I find I am running away from a lock or hunter beast, and there is nowhere to run *to*, except to more trouble. Hey, splat, failangel…

Zard  is right – fade is definitely your friend.  I think he is an engineer, and has fitted turbo boosts to his boots, because I see a spriest running around whizzing past like a rogue…  I have to allow fade to work completely – for the mob to acquire a new target – before going back to the dispel duty.

It’s weird really  – part of the task is about getting dispels off or heals off as quickly as possible, and the other part is about staying alive for as long as possible – and there is a contradiction in there – but that staying alive is the most important thing – no matter how compelling it is to get one more dispel off, or a heal off.

If there is blame to be thrown about, as in the comment “I died, got no heals” it seems rather hard to counter that with “but you were out of range”  or “you shouldn’t get hit that hard” or “I had to take the decision to save you, or to save myself/three others”.  Especially the latter, when it is not a DPS fight.

ICC comes out soon – perhaps on Wednesday!  When it does, we will have new stat weights for mana regen as well.  And new instances to look at.  And thankfully, the room of painful death will not be the be-all and end-all place that it is now – just a place where people go to get a few more pieces of essential kit, or to complete achievements, or to gear up the off-spec kit, or to train the new guys.

I’m looking forward to something else – because it does seem hard to maintain enthusiasm for that place – it’s not got enough visual variety or sense of myth or story about it for me – I like the technical fights, but I would have preferred a bit of a change of scenery.   Weird really – clearly my enjoyment of a contest is not merely about the fight.

Not being a game designer, I don’t know how it works – but let’s imagine the hodir fight – it seems to take place in a circular space.  With runes on the floor to get out of, and then jump on top of, with some debuffs worth acquiring, and so on.  That space where the encounter takes place has ice-covered walls, but I didn’t get any feeling of claustrophobia at all.  Perhaps the space is larger.  Or perhaps it is because you don’t have to see all the bosses in the same space.  If the Iron Council fight takes place in a similarly shaped space, it is still different – and there is the travelling and the trash killing as a way of preparing for the encounter.

Or maybe the Ulduar artwork is just *better* when you’re staring at it from the floor.

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