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Gossip, the EO facebook page and the wow online mags, together with wow-ladies say that ICC drops tomorrow!  Whee!

Spent far too much time last night reading up  marrowgar and the second boss,Lady Deathwhisper.

From the looks of it, Marrowgar does not look technically challenging – but Lady Deathwhisper looks very difficult – the mind-control of members of your own team is a bit of a difficulty – especially if your tankhealer/highest DPS/CC experts get selected. And the aggro debuff that can go down 5 stacks of 20% at a time? That looks like a tricky thing to coordinate – massive threat lead reduced to rampaging boss within a short space of time, if the pally HOP on/off trick doesn’t work. If you need a tank for the adds and an offtank for taking the debuff too, it’s going to be tricky on 10man…

So – tomorrow!

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