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Satisfaction: you can’t always get what you want.

What do you do when someone starts to whisper you, late in the evening, and proceed to bend your ear for about 20 mins to half an hour on why they are unhappy?

Is it a private conversation? Do they mean for you to pass on their feelings? Do they perhaps mean to stir?

This happened to me a few nights ago, and the person concerned was a long standing member of the group – had been in one role first, and has now changed to another, on a different toon. A member for 4-5 years – ab initio…

He claims that he would, along with 2 other established and long-standing DPS, be much happier in the leading alliance guild on the server – that he had friends there who were ex-EO, and that if it were not for their raid times, he would be there.

There are a number of issues – feeling not listened to on tactics in 25man raids, not going on 10mans to gear up, feeling that we wiped too often on the last faction champs attempt (well, it was a pretty nasty mess we made of it, but it’s a harder encounter to stabilise than many others) and disappointed with a lack of progression.

I hope I said all the right things at the time – but honestly – I think that often the grass seems greener on the other side. And really, I am very happy with the group I have joined. Very happy indeed – nearly all the officers are reasonable people, and actually, quite a few of them I have mentally filed in the “friends” category, even though that might be a bit premature. It is, in my experience, easy to criticise, and very hard to construct and maintain something. I am glad that there is room for constructive thoughts, but with control exercised by officers. Let the discussions take place, and then let certain decisions be made. Raiding does not succeed on anarchy and democracy – one strategy has to rule over 25. If the strategy needs tweaking, you need to know what you did, and that everyone did as they were told, so that effective change can be made. It’s like an experiment – you change one thing at a time to see what makes the difference.

I admit that I would have wanted all the achievements from the 10man runs, and from Ulduar – they are pretty and shiny, and come with nice shiny things attached – and it is unlikely that I will get them. Good job I’m not trying to get 9000 achievements, hey? I actually think I would have wanted the achievements *at the right time* – to have been part of a winning team that worked for something, rather than the steamroller achievements when you take an overgeared group round an instance. But having said that, the main reasons for me to want to raid are to see those parts of the Blizz design that a solo player cannot – the raid mechanics being one part of this, and then the actual artwork being the other side of the coin. I never saw the Burning Crusade raid instances, and that is a closed book for me.

But the time is past, unless I get a crowd from the old guild together. Which, despite massive efforts from our druid/pally tank, is just not happening…

  1. Korenwolf
    08/12/2009 at 6:57 pm

    Aww… can’t you spill the beans, or at least hint on whether I would be sad to see the person go or cheering?

    Progression in TotGC25 has been rough, the beasts were hellish, we simply were not meeting the gear check and then it’s down to execution. J went down easily and the Champs also weren’t hard to beat but they are hard to beat consistently.

    The twins looks like it’s another survival job where the healers can only do so much, it’s down to the dps to keep themselves safe to a certain degree.

    There will always be someone who thinks that the progression should be at least as good as a.n.other guild and that we’re not as good as we were in “the good old days”, these newcomers are ruining it / aren’t good players / welfare epics and all that Jazz.

    I do find it interesting that he decided to dump his heart and soul out to you, not entirely sure what to make of it (never good at this underhand stuff, I prefer things to be just done properly).

    Generally the raid team is solid, we have the arse and the emo drama llama to deal with, but I can avoid much interaction with the first and ignore the other when he’s had one infusion of chemically loaded smoke too many. I’m there to raid, I go in loaded and ready to roll, aim to heal my heart out as best I can, and get those bloody bosses eating floor.

    Tincan raiding, it’s just an arse getting enough of the crew online at once and then filling the other slots. I’m more confident of our ability to handle Naxx10 given how the B-team is going in five man content. Let’s see, Ari is tanking UK and Nexus (4-man) without any major problems, ok we have cress healing which is going to help in the balance and Namtar and Mal are pumping out good dps. So depending on who we can pull together we can probably cover all the major bases without too much trouble. Timing is going to be the thing.

    • korenmolen
      09/12/2009 at 1:02 pm

      There is the small problem that you cannot play two of your characters at once…. you were thinking that ari would tank naxx with you?

      2 tanks: ari and tanque
      1 raid heal: cress
      1 tank heal: kaylad/unferth

      DPS: death knight, death knight, hunter and….mage (if not being paladin)

      We only have 8 bodies. But if Ari and Tanque can tank, then we have the *crucial* roles covered… the ones that seem to be difficult to find puggers for, anyway.

  2. Kayla
    08/12/2009 at 8:24 pm

    *nod* Would I cheer or not? That is the question 🙂

    On the Team TinCan stuff, you all know I’d love to be doing more – preferably on Kaylad, but Mal (or even one of the the others if needed) can be dragged along anytime. Mal is marginally better geared than Kaylad atm, but there’s only a few points of AiL between them.

    • korenmolen
      09/12/2009 at 1:07 pm

      well – if we are going to *all* need some frost tokens, and there are weekly raid bosses that we need to beat in order to get frost tokens as well, then there is hope for getting through some of the old instances – the ones with tumbleweed blowing through them.

      I don’t think you’d cheer too loudly. Probably just say “who?”

  3. Peter
    12/12/2009 at 1:37 pm

    To be fair, Bae’s not doing himself any favours. Lea put up an open-signup 10-man run this week, thread posted 5 days ahead of time to give people plenty of time to register. Bae posts on the day before the run saying “I didn’t know about this, but would have been interested”.

    If stuff gets organised on the forum, and he doesn’t read the forum, its nobody’s fault but his own if he doesn’t get a slot.

    • korenmolen
      14/12/2009 at 4:04 am

      Oh I agree with that. I mean, the forum is the official conduit for all guild business that is open, as opposed to confidential.

      Now we have had a week of raiding ICC, I am inclined to take it less seriously – and see it as cabin fever from ToGC

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