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Gearing and the Frosty Train

Having geared Peterselie and Kenau up through heroics the hard way, and then bundled Cresside through collecting emblems, the attraction of doing dungeons is somewhat limited.


the fact that you can now buy the new Icecrown crafty thing of craftiness with 23 forst emblems means that I want as many of my level 80 toons to be out there farming frost emblems as possible.

To this end, I am attempting to gear Stetson, my number 1 hunter, in gear suitable for running heroics, and making sure he does his daily dungeon. I am also running Cress through every day.

I have however, not had the guts to subject kenau and peterselie through the random dungeon process. They should be geared sufficiently, but I just can’t face it. There is something curiously underwhelming about can-carrying as a healer in a random pug.

Since the last patch, I have not really revised my unholy DPS rotation, and have just pinched a blood spec for Kenau to try out. I have no idea if she will be any good at it – after so long with unholy, it seems a shame to change, but they say that the best DPS is from blood now – and I have to admit, I’d like to pull more DPS. It might be gear related, but I can’t seem to do as much as I want. Blood is even worse though. Maybe I just lack the correct rotation. Or application. Against a dummy, with the rotation advised, I seem to get very little – under 2K. That will not cut it. If I do enoough random daily pugs though, I might improve *slightly*.

That just leaves the newly hatched mage and hunter (2) to work through. It could be laughable.

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