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Things to do before Cataclysm

Now, I’m not sure when cataclysm will be out – Wolf initially said Easter, and now things Autumn.

Wolk came out in November.

I think that Cata will come out in July – or at least before the end of August.

Apart from the storing up of money (plus ca change) I’m wondering whether to concentrate on getting a few things done now that will be impossible after the event. Or whether to continue bumbling along anyway, not really thinking about it, because gearing the current characters takes time, and after all, I should have a sense of proportion when prioritising my life in general.

Part of my difficulty is not knowing who to focus on – I have Cress geared up to raid – even her offspec is not all that bad. I have geared Stetson to do all current heroics, including the new ones, but he has always been an alt. I have Peterselie, who is undergeared for the current content, given that people feel the need to faesrol their way though every heroic. I’ve not even tested her out on the LFG random heroics yet because I am that nervous about how people blatently wanted into danger (I’m thinking of Pit of Saron and Bronjahm’s swirly death that sometimes hunters *have* to stand in. You are not tanks! Stop taking that sort of damage!

Peterselie still has more achievements, partly because she has been around a lot longer. Was around for the Lich King event, and spent time doing dailies in IOQD before WoLK came out. Cress, on the other hand, has far more raid achievements, and, being human, finds reputation gains easy. She is a lot more fragile, however, and soloign content can be difficult if things hit back. Peterselie can solo more content, because what doesn’t hit bounces off plate, for the most part.

So – is PS the main (given that I have not played with her for over 5 months, it doesn’t seem so) or Cresside (who is played every day, almost without exception)?

Because – who do I spend the time on – filling out the achievements – do I get Loremaster on Cress or PS? And what about the Scepter of the Shifting Sands? That’s something that needs the cooperation of other people. And will cost substantial amounts of time as well. Who should do them? Or should I just let the opportunity to get these done slip away, in the interests of getting all my characters levelled to 80?

Whilst Loremaster is almost entirely soloable, Sceptre is not – it involves raid instances and mobs that need a party to kill – mainly for fight dynamics – I do not think that my shadowfiend can tank.

It’s at this sort of time that I wish AB had a website, so that I could post up a request for assistance.

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  1. 21/01/2010 at 7:29 pm

    I’m guessing Cataclysm will be released in the fall…with another November release being a strong candidate.

    For those who started after TBC was released…or whomever never really explored Azeroth…I’d suggest rolling an alt and spending some time enjoying and exploring Azeroth before the release of Cat. It’s the last chance you’ll have and there’s so much that is missed in the rush to level cap.

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