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More PuGs and raids

Last night was a change from our scheduled EO programme – instead of having our 25man raid on Saturday, it has been moved to today – there were too few signing for a full 25 man raid on Saturday (only 20) and too many for the 10mans planned for Sunday (30).

I think it was an inspired executive decision really – EO has always been a weekend raid group – and if you say you can do the raids on Sunday – using EO forums as signup places, then you must think that you would be free to do the 25man run.

There has been some discussion about whether signups for a guaranteed “wipe night” are lower than on the “farm night”. I’d never thought of it like that before. But perhaps that explains why there were fewer. Either that, or the healing camp has too few spares to allow anyone a night off.

So – yesterday we did all of the usual 10man stuff – oneshot Festergut, but Rotface took quite a few attempts. Couldn’t manage Council with 2 healers and couldn’t manage with 3 either. I think it might have helped to have a shaman’s buffs and mage buffs in the party – it was a bit imbalanced with 2 warriors, 2 paladins, a boomkin, priest, rogue, warlock and two hunters.

Throughout, one of our number kept making comments about how we should do this, and what the tactics were, and which buffs might be best. The person is not an officer, nor is he even a permanent member, nor is his DPS top of the list (which might confer slightly more respect, when he is talking about optimal strategies). I really wish I could have switched him off – but putting someone on ignore in a raid is not really helpful – I might miss something important, after all. And over Vent he brought feedback – because he was using speakers – which hurt the ears something shocking. Quite depressing – but perhaps he can be spoken to, by someone tactful and officer-like. Perhaps these habits can be softened.

After about G215 in repair bills, it was the end of the night, and I went on to do my daily random on Cress in her shadow spec. We were put in UK – with a DK tank who said that his gear was a year old, and it hadn’t improved in the meantime. By the time we got to the pre-pull near Keleseth, the rogue said:

R: “Priest?”


R:”you really ought to do better – look at your gear score and see the output, you should look at what you’re doing”

R:”spam meter”

C:”put your epeen away”

P: “lol”

C:”I’ve just come out of healing ICC, I’m relaxing and getting my frosties”

The tank was less than enthusiastic when the rogue offered to tank for him. The rogue kept spamming his highest DPS and consequent aggro moves, so he could top the meters, I guess. The thing is, I really couldn’t care – who tries to impress on UK? And if the thing goes down fast, then DoTs have diminished effectiveness. That’s why I mind sear trash – the dancing fan-o-knives will kill them faster than anything else. But really, I know I can pull higher DPS, but against an undergeared tank? Why do it? I might die.

So then it was Stetson’s turn. He did the first heroic, then pottered off to do the daily fishing quest in sholazar, and hand in a few dungeon quests. Since there were no exotic beasts roaming sholazar, I went through to Un’goro to pick up a dinosaur. Shortly afterwards, I realised I had missed the 3am close of day, and went back to Dal to hand it in anyway. And queue for the next random daily.

On entering the instance, I apologised that my DPS might be a bit low, as I had a new pet. To which the response was “oh yeah, blame the pet” and I responded “yeah, I know, it’s me”. Despite the level 75 pet, I still did the highest DPS – which was not that wonderful, I admit – partly because I was sorted in with some really new 80s – 2 hatched that day. A tree who could run OOM! Who would have thought it?

But – we had a tank who D/Cd – and I think it was a bounce out of instance then crash wow sort of d/c as well. But we lived. Our replacement tank proceeded to chainpull, despite not knowing the healer’s tolerance levels. He continued pulling even though his healer was dead and running through the instance. And made “omfg” comments.

I’m so pleased when I meet people who are a joy to play with. I wish that Blizz could make a server-wide friends list, just as we can have ignore lists – because then the people who I have pugged with who are friendly and reasonable and not greedy or waving their epeen around I could meet again. Shame I tend to end up with either totally silent people (that’s not bad, just quite lonely) or people who feel that they have something to prove.

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  1. Korenwolf
    25/01/2010 at 12:59 pm

    “Do you understand how DoTs work?”
    “Have you noticed how quickly mobs are dying?”

    Rogues and DKs have an automatic mark in my brain for being asshats, nuts to them. Meter spammers can go DIAF as far as I’m concerned. Rogue wants to tank and take aggro, fine keep it. I’ll collect again when the rogue dies / not take a lot of effort in healing said rogue for being an arse.

    Just like the nexus run yesterday where the DK decided that dropping Army of Aggro on the stone boss was a good idea, I just stood back and let the morons do their thing hoping they would die. The healer was half asleep anyway to the point I had to do self-heals.

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