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Raiding – all change

One of the officers, T has retired as chairman – this is a real shame, but I have to admit, I saw it coming. And I am hoping that his fiancee does not go as well – have to see.

In his place, we have L, a fantastic tree healer – who also has level 80- healers in just about every other healing spec. L is always at the top of the raid healing meters – I compare very badly to him both in 10 man and 25man – I don’t know whether to feel badly about the holy priest/druid raid healing figures or not – that’s probably just my problem. What I can say is that he knows his class very well – and that is good. He also seems (although as he reminded me on Wednesday, appearances can be deceptive) decent [1] – and I mean this in the sense that he does not seem to favour one group of people over another, and that he is prepared to listen to suggestions. He is also not given to fault finding, but to constructive suggestion – at least in public – so this is also a Good Thing.

I am aware that there will be new officers appointed – I have my own ideas about who they might be – and dread being right. But then new blood is important, after all.

Since my last post, I have been reassessing my raiding, and what it means to me. I have come to the conclusion that there are other things in WoW that I like to do – and so I have been working on Loremaster, as well as thinking about the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands chain – as well as gearing up my mage.

And I know that my shadow set needs a lot of work on it – it is composed mainly of the holy pieces, but with the other bits I managed to collect – as such, it is gemmed completely wrongly for shadow. Int and Spirit on a spriest? hah – I need spellpower, haste and crit… This explains why my DPS is about 3.5K, when it should be higher. And why I never run out of mana:)

So – all aboard the achievement bus for Cresside.

[1] if he is a flirt, or more than a flirt, or rude, or a complete douche, in private conversations with other players, or critical or snide about others, this is something that is his own business – if so, he is good at being discreet.

  1. Peter Ellis
    19/02/2010 at 9:57 pm

    Aye, like you I guessed the Ted thing would happen in time. Looma is an absolute treasure: very definitely the best replacement they could have picked. Focusing more on the parts of the game you enjoy, and less emotional investment in the raiding, definitely sounds like a good plan.

    • korenmolen
      20/02/2010 at 2:16 pm

      aye – less emotional investment is the key. Because otherwise the whole night of wiping on putricide seems more like a personal failure. Whether on 10man or 25man.

      Since the AB team has come along by leaps and bounds, we can now (when people ar not gallivanting off to conventions etc) now field 10 players – it is actually *possible* to raid. With the new badge gear, a number of us significantly outgear the content, so it is raiding on ez-mode – sightseeing our way around azeroth.

      To a certain extent, this is a little dull, in that it lacks challenge. But on the other hand, it is welcome relief – and I get to see bits of the game I never have before. And I have such a sense of pride in the AB gang that we have managed to get *this* far.

      So, yes, I have reassessed my connection with EO, and although I do not wish to fail, I have resigned myself to the fact I will never succeed – I will never be part of the clique of preferred people, so I shall not try for that. Their loss 😛

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