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Raid (10).

I am still absolutely amazed that Team Pirate managed to do the weekly raid quest last week – even missing one person.

We have come a long way – both in gearing and in learning how to play – for us to struggle through heroics, and now, to be able to 9man Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus.

It would be naive though, to say that we could have done this without three of the team having gear from the higher rated raid instances – and experience of the fights. There is a difference between going into Trial of the Crusader (normal) wearing nothing but Ulduar 25 gear, and going in there wearing ilvl 245/251/264 stuff.

But, part of me cannot help but really want to believe that we can do “raids” – the exciting things that I always thought they would be – instead of the nerve-racking, tense, keyboard mashing, grinding stress that they seem to be.

The thing I am coming to realise is that I am in a raid guild that thinks it is cutting edge progression when it is not. And which struggles with the conflict in identity – resulting in lower performance than the more ambitious would like, at the same time making the rest miserable at failing to meet the expectations. This is why raiding with EO is so much like a job, and so much not like hanging with friends. I have the feeling that this dichotomy has been present for some time – years – which are decades in MMO terms.

And I have come to realise that my heart lies with my old guildies, the Azeroth Buccaneers – even if I sometimes feel out of place even there. And that being with EO is actually something I do to get experience and gear, but that my enjoyment is with AB.

To try and get the same feeling of teamwork and enjoyment out of EO was a mistake – and which led to me feeling so rejected and dejected. If I don’t even look for it, I might be pleasantly surprised, but it should matter less to me.

Wonder whether the Buccaneers could do ICC? OK, that might be going Too Far. But if they could. Well…

Perhaps we could suggest trash clearing and see how that goes…

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