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The fanfic

As an experiment, and because I was so proud of it (and him), I posted M’s story “the Strange Last Days of the Good Ship Exodar” on wordpress (the blog is at strange last days<<–here.

I'm not sure whether it was a good idea or not – there have not been many visitors to the blog, and he has, I think, had more traffic through the fanfiction.net site that has also published the writing.

I remain no less proud of what he has written. It seems worlds away from his first 2.5 books.

Now the problem is – what do I do with the next thing that he writes – open up a new blog and post there? Post them in here?

Or what about using the "page" feature on these blogs? I'm not sure about that – they don't seem to be seeing a lot of daylight on my cloggie blog.

A solution I would like (but I perhaps have not worked out how to do this yet) is to publish them as blog entries, and then save them to page entries.

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