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Rough Guide to ICC: Entrance trash

This is a Rough Guide.  I do not have all the details of the spells cast, or the names of the mobs.

ICC has some interesting trash – and they can do a stupid amount of damage if they are not treated with at least a little respect, if your party is not already wearing ICC25 grade (ilvl 264+) epics.

There are three types of mobs:

Big boned skeletons with axes

There are four of these between the raid instance portal room and the first boss, Marrogar.  They are hidden in niches to the left and right side of the two rooms, and are triggered by traps in the floor.  Rogues can disarm the traps.  An eye of Killrogg can also trigger the traps, if you just want to get the big bony things to be pathing around so you can pull them independently of the other trash in the rooms.

Caster Undead

You can tell these at  a distance by their glowy hands.  Their raid-wipe technique is to send lines of jagged ice across the room, which hurt the caster cloth badly.  They need to be turned away from the raid.

Spider  Undead

These tend to hurt the raid by webbing random raid members.  Can be unpleasant if this is a healer or tank.

Other memorable trash unhelpfulness about the corridor mobs is that over-exuberant AOE dps can bring in the next clump of mobs – and that 5 or 6 of them is quite enough – 9 is actually significantly harder.

Also, one type of mob has a silencing effect (DBM is excellent for pointing out when this is likely to happen) which can really upset a caster rotation.  Including a healing casting rotation.  Should you be too careless about pulling too many of the things, this should be borne in mind.

  1. Korenwolf
    15/03/2010 at 12:54 pm

    Based on the experience of yesterday my mental kill order is tweaked, spiders go first because the interupt effect of the webbing is more critical than the damage from the mages (as long as they’re turned).

    While tauntable the spiders aren’t really tankable, they’ll keep randomly picking on raid members for a quick webbing.

    Ideally where possible ‘wolf is the primary for the Deathwards (the big ones) simply because I’m stacking more mitigation so less healing. DPS need to keep an eye on positioning, behind, always behind. Their hitbox is quite large so it’s possible to be back a bit which is safer.

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