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Rough Guide to ICC: Lady Deathwhisper (10N)

This is the second boss encounter in ICC.

This boss is a Lich – she stands on a dais at the far end of a rectangular room.  In front of her are lines of supplicants.  To either side (but not on the dais) are large Nerubians – (think Elder Nadox type).  There are alcoves to the left and right side of the room.  These can block line of sight, for healing purposes.

It is important not to pull the whole room, but to proceed as slowly as possible.  Tanks start by pulling the group of supplicants on the right side of the room, pulling them back to bottom of the stairs at the entrance.  The group of supplicants on the left side of the room will also aggro, but hopefully, the original group pulled should be almost dead by then.

The Nerubian elders should be pulled individually and dpsed down.


This fight is in two parts.  For the first stage, she is stationary, surrounded in a mana shield.  The more damage that is done to her, the more the shield diminishes.  During this first phase she will:

Cast a *green* death and decay on the floor.

Throws shadowbolts at random players.  Not sure if this is truly random, though.

Raises undead minions.   These are in two types – ones which are 99% melee immune (fanatics), and ones which are 99% magic immune (adherents).  The ones which are magic immune can do a spell reflect, which is painful.

Empowers minions. The empowered minion will deal increased damage, and has to be a top DPS priority, over the ordinary minions.

As hunters deal physical damage, these are the only ranged DPS that can attack fanatics.

The second phase starts when the mana shield around her breaks.  She is then mobile.

She needs to be tanked – and it is important for all DPS to be aware that the tank will need to establish aggro priority on her.   She will throw out a frost bolt volley on the raid, slowing and damaging them.  She will not raise any more Fanatics or Adherents.  Instead, she will raise ghosts.

She will also apply a tanking aggro-debuff (touch of insignificance)  – which means that the tank will have an even harder time holding aggro than usual.

She will summon ghostly things that wander throughout the room inflicting damage.  These chase a player, and then exploe, dealing shadow damage to everyone within a 15 yard radius.

Phase 1 is easier to a certain extent, because although she is throwing out the D&D on the floor, and the multiple mobs are coming in, the main boss is stationary.  Phase 2 is harder, because she is moving, because of the tank debuff and because of the increased shadow damage from the ghosts.

The best way to beat the encounter is for communication on Vent – for the Raid Leader to highlight when an Adherent or a Fanatic has been empowered and for all DPS (of the correct type) to focus on that target and get it down ASAP.  Target switching is important, because melee may need to move reasonably quickly to the other side of the room to fight an Adherent – and ranged to pick up Fanatic targets, whilst switching back to the boss.

It’s also pretty crucial to time the end of phase 1 so that all current Fanatics and Adherents are close to death or dead, because the tanks will be needed on the Boss.

Healing notes:  This is a high raid damage fight, but the main difficulty is with people being within range, and not obscured by pillars or alcoves.  There are two pillars on the dais.  There are a number of pillars round the sides of the room.  Standing in the middle of the room affords the greatest spread, but D&D will mean you have to move.  Luckily, on 10man, there is no Mindcontrol of raid members – which means that you are not going to be killed/ensnared by your own team, for your own safety.

These notes lack sufficient explanation of how the adds are picked up and tanked, in part 1.  Sorry.

TLDR:  Get out of the green stuff on the floor.

Melee and hunters on adherents, especially the big ones.

Ranged on fanatics, especially the big ones.

Stay away from ghosts.  Spread out a bit.

  1. Korenwolf
    16/03/2010 at 12:18 pm

    Team Pirate will have some additional problems with this fight, we only have a single caster to deal with the melee immune mobs (fanatics).

    So assuming we reach her my initial plan is shaping up to have ranged on the boss until the shield drops, with the ‘lock coming off the boss to deal with fanatics, we may need an additional melee on the boss to get the shield down quicker.

    It’ll need some juggling but I think we have the team for it.

    • korenmolen
      16/03/2010 at 1:16 pm

      Is it possible for there to be some wiggle room? Because Siyara has some healing kit, but no boomchicken kit – and has some feral DPS gear. So Siyara could go tree and Cress could go pewpew.

      I always have issues with targetting – still havn’t got it right, but it’s the only flexibility I can think of.

      • Korenwolf
        16/03/2010 at 2:54 pm

        There is also the possibility of Coriolis depending on which alt G wishes to bring and the gear level, though given we were mashing through the trash with 8.5 players I think we have some scope there.

        As for Siyara healing I think this depends on confidence and the inevitable gear check. The current healing team gives us a fair amount of wriggle as both are geared (or better) for ICC10.

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