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Rough Guide to ICC: Marrowgar

Marrowgar is the first boss of the ICC Raid instance.  He is made of four skulls, with 4 bony wings, and two arms.  He wields a large axe ([Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]) which drops on 25man.

The room is shaped like a quarter of a circle.  As you enter, the curve of the circle faces you, with Marrowgar at the apex.  Do not cross the circle until you are ready to engage him.

Marrogar has two different fight phases, which repeat until he enrages.  The first phasetype is where he is stationary, and the MT and OT soak up damage.  During this phase, he will cast:

Coldflame –

this is a line of white painfulness that creeps across the room – it is easy enough to get out of the way of this by strafing sideways – ranged can avoid this almost completely.

Bone Spike –

in 10man, one member of the party will be impaled on a spike.  It is important to kill the bone spike immediately, because the impaled person is completely immobilised – they are taking damage, and are unable to self heal, heal others, damage others or even take a potion or healthstone.  Anecdotally, armour seems to mitigate the damage taken

In the second phase, Marrowgar will shout ‘BONESTORM!’ and will target a member of the raid and rush towards them, spinning as he makes his way across the room.  The targetted player should attempt to run out of the way.  When he reaches his destination, he will stop, briefly, and a cross of Coldflame will be dumped on the floor underneath him.  He will then target another raid member and will dash across the room to them.  It is not possible for the tanks to keep him in one place during this stage – and all the DPS should be aware that tanks will have to regain aggro on Marrowgar after the phase ends, and allow them some leeway for this.  This has been hotfixed so that Marrowgar is tauntable and is no longer a complete threatwipe.

Rinse, repeat until dead.  Loot, profit.


White lines hurt.  Get out of them.

Don’t stand right in front of him if you’re not a tank.

Kill the spikes.

Let tanks get aggro after Bonestorm.

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  1. Korenwolf
    15/03/2010 at 1:53 pm

    From the tanking perspective he’s a sponge fight. One main tank who will maintain and control aggro, and an off-tank who stacks on the main. The sabre lash does silly damage but this is spread across up to two targets (MT & OT) in 10-man and three targets in 25-man.

    While it is possible to suck up the damage if the OT doesn’t get into position (I solo’d him for a single cycle on 25-man last week) by the gods does it hurt and will make the healers curse.

    Coldflame is dumped just outside of melee range.

    All dps should aim to be behind him, melee must be behind him or die quickly.

    Bone spikes are nuked by ranged dps, if the spike is in melee then everyone can have a pop at it to speed up the process.

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