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Rough Guide to ICC: Gunship

Gunship trash.

Once having looted Deathwhisper, you will see that the circular platform can carry you up to the next floor.  Take the lift, but do not move too far forward off it – in front of you are horde and alliance NPCs fighting away.  Your task is to kill the horde and make your way to the platform on the left, and get on the boat.

Do not forget the dragon!

The horde NPCs are not all that bright, or difficult – they fall over fairly easily.

On the boat.

On your immediate left, as soon as you are onboard, is a goblin who sells jetpacks.  Take one and make sure it is equipped.  Then map the equipped jetpack to your action bar.   Before the encounter starts, have a practice at taking off and landing.  It is possible to take falling damage yourself – and when you land, you cause damage to enemy targets.

When the encounter begins, two DPS should go to the cannons, sit in them, and aim at the horde ship which descends from the top left to be parallel with your ship.  There are 2 cannons in 10man mode, 4 in 25.

There are Horde axe-throwers on their ship, who will target anyone on the home ship – but everyone should stay on the home ship until Saurfang’s mage freezes your cannons. That is the signal for one of your tanks to go to the other ship. Together with a few melee.  It is possible to heal the away team from the home ship – provided that the party stays reasonably close to the edge of the enemy ship.  The task of the Away Party is to kill the battle mage who froze the cannons.   Once that has been done, the away party can return and resume attacking the ship using the cannons.  The away party should know that they need to be quick in getting in and out, as the main way to win the fight is by siege damage from the guns.  And the commander gains a stacking buff whilst in combat.

If it can be managed, as many NPCs as possible should be killed whilst there, as they learn from experience, and get better, so that when the away team visits again, it is harder to kill them  but only if you are really quick.   If you have pets, you must make sure that they have left the enemy ship – this includes totems. This will keep the enemy commander in combat (ie, his stacking buff will continue – this is not optimal)

A significant amount of damage is done to the away tank – both whilst on the other ship and whilst returning – as the away team are in the air on the return jump back.

Whilst the away party is busy fighting, the home party will be receiving guests – through a portal that has been summoned on the home ship. Repel Boarders!  The home party will also need to be alive to the rockets that are aimed at the home boat  – the red targetting marks are a give away.  Best not to stand in them.

Rinse, repeat, laugh at beartank with rockets up the backside, loot.

Loot table is pretty – and I want that Muradin’s spyglass!

TL,DR:  Put on the jetpack, it makes you bounce.  Jump to other ship when guns turn to icecubes.  Jump back when mage is dead.  Stay out of red circles.  Don’t fall off the boats. Don’t leave your pets behind.

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