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Rough Guide to ICC: Saurfang

This is quite a difficult fight to master – and knowing the mechanics and how the raid directly contributes to success or failure probably helps.

Saurfang looks just like “a lone orc against the might of the alliance!” and Muradin thinks he just can’t wait to get his teeth into this non-challenge.  Saurfang suspends them in mid air, and then starts his attack on the closest target to him – it is important not to aggro saurfang on the first pull, so all DPS need to move in after aggro has been acquired by the MT.

Saurfang has an energy bar – and he acquires energy through damage caused to players.  When the bar reaches 100, he casts Mark of the Fallen Champion on a member of the raid.  That raid member will require extensive healing.  If that raid member dies, Saurfang will acquire 10% of his health.  If you let that raidmember die, as quickly as possible, on the other hand, you have fewer DPS to achieve the kill, but you are not losing a lot of healing energy on that target, and Saurfang is not leeching from that fallen champion target.

Every ranged person should spread out to 12 yards apart, because Saurfang casts a Blood Nova which causes damage to the target and anyone within the target’s 12 yard radius.  Each tick of damage caused adds to his energy bank.

He will also cast Boiling blood on a member of the  raid (3 raid members in 25 man) and this will also tick damage on the raid member, and feed his energy bank.  Not a lot you can do about that though, apart from shielding as much as possible.

He will summon blood beasts – and these are really tricky – they look like shadowfiends, creep across the ground, and if they bite you – guess what – add energy to his energy bank.  These bloodbeasts should *not* be aoe’d down, as they have 75% AOE immunity, but should instead be kited and dpsed down one at a time.

This is one of the trickiest parts of the fight – melee should be working on saurfang and ranged working on the beasts – but slowing them down helps a lot – so hunter traps are good.  If there is a boomkin in the raid, they can typhoon the beasts back so that they are at the beginning of their crawl, and can receive more DPS.  It is possible for a holypaladin to have RF on, and stand near the landing bridge part of the room, drawing the beasts, a boomkin in front blowing them back, and all ranged DPS single targetting the beasts that move from Saurfang back towards the paladin.  It is not a good idea to melee the beasts, nor to let them hit you – better to kite them.

Finally, it should be pointed out that Saurfang applies a debuff to the main tank – the effect of this rune is to heal Saurfang, and to damage the tank.  The OT should taunt off the MT until the rune has fallen off, and then have the MT taunt back.  Although it is possible for the OT to kite the bloodbeasts, it may not be practical, because of the need to minimise the time that Saurfang is attacking a tank with the Rune mark.

Saurfang gets a bit annoyed by all this, and is enraged at 25% health.  This is when the DPS really counts, and when it’s important not to let anyone die, if at all possible – and when heroism and DPS cooldowns should be blown.

It is very easy to wipe on this fight, through a variety of mistakes, mostly around the blood-link that he has with his attacks and his creatures – melee need to be careful not to have aggro on the beasts when they spawn, and not use AOE type abilities in this fight.  Ranged need to resist the temptation to AOE, but to single target down.  Healers need to watch when the Mark of the Fallen Champion appears and to coordinate their efforts – the Marked raid member will need more than ordinary raid healing – beacon can be a good move here if you have a paladin healer.


Do not take aggro off a tank, unless you are the OT or the ranged aggromonkey for kiting purposes on the beasts.  Those squishy things really hurt.  Single target them.  Stay spead out, if you are ranged.

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