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Rough Guide to ICC: Festergut

Festergut is an undead fleshbeast.  The gas in the room hurts you.  He inhales it, farts out spores that provide players with protective immunisation, and then exhales the blight.  You need 2 tanks, and a minimum of 2 healers.

Once engaged, the room floods with gas.  Festergut will inhale some gas, and will then break wind, releasing spores, which will attach to players (2 players on 10man, 3 on 25).

These spores will explode after a few seconds, causing damage to the spored player, but innoculating the player, and all players within the immediate vicinity.  This happens three times before all the gas in room has been inhaled and spores produced.  Festergut will then release inhaled gas (Pungent Blight) which will deal about 30K damage to every player – if players have had their inoculations, then they will survive this.  There is an achievement for killing Festergut having fewer than 3 shots (Flu Shot Shortage, I think).

This is a fight where you need to have a balance between ranged and melee, but the fight is melee-friendly.  There need to be at least 3 ranged players on 10man, however.  All ranged players must spread out, then contract to a single point to receive their flu shot, then expand out again. The raid must ensure that the ranged flu shot point receives a spored player, as well as the melee camp.

If players are not spread out (or if there are fewer than 3 ranged on 10man) , then Fester’s Vile Gas mechanic causes uncontrollable vomiting.  This incapacitates a player for a few seconds.  The vomit damages nearby players.

It is useful (if possible) to have healers in melee, because there is less chance of healers suffering from Vile Gas vomiting.  And because there is no requirement for the healers to move to be close to a spore (unless the spore attaches to 2 healers, in which case one will need to move to the ranged gamp.

On 10man, Festergut has a healthpool of 9,412,000 – and an enrage timer of 5 minutes.  The fight is therefore a DPS check, hampered only by the movement in towards the spores.  If you have 6 DPS, then the requirement is 4.7K DPS per player.  If 5, then 5.6K each.

From a healing point of view, this is a heavy AOE damage fight – as the gas in the room is inhaled by Festergut, the raid damage decreases, and the damage to the tank increases.  When the room is clear of gas, the tank receives the most punishing hits.  CDs like Guardian Spirit or Pain Suppression could be used here, to keep the tank up.

From a Tanking viewpoint, the main concern is the stacking effect of the debuff caused by Gastric Bloat.   It is usual for the OT to start the encounter, and for the MT to pick up the boss just before the 3 stacks of innoculate, on the 3rd inhale.  Th Gastric Bloat must not be allowed to reach 10 stacks, or the tank will explode.  This reaches 9 stacks at about this time.

Gastric Bloat causes nature damage, increasing in 10% stacks (cumulative).  It lasts for 100 seconds. It also causes the tank to deal 90% increased damage, making the tank switch difficult – tanks should consider changing stance and switching off all aggro-producing abilities after the switch (bear-> cat, frost presence->blood, RF off etc) – because failing to lose aggro will result in the fatal 10th Gastric Bloat application – Gastric Explosion.

TLDR:  spores are good, everyone needs injections – if you have one, make sure you are *either* in the melee group *or* in the ranged group.  Have a group hug.  Then back to where you were.  Burn that boss.  Heal that raid.  Blow healing oh sh*t buttons when the room is clear of gas.

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