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The Frosty Train

Team Pirate has recently welcomed into its ranks two old friends – who raided until the opening of Ulduar, but who then retired.

And at the same time, the existing team has seen the arrival of two new level 80 toons – one DK and one mage.

If only the gearing of the toons was not such a grind – but at least we are in good company.

This begs the question, should I bring my old holy paladin and my old DK out of storage?  Both of them have hardly seen the light of day since about August 2009, and would require about as much effort to gear as a newly hatched 80, in terms of badger runs through heroics.

It’s a hope – but the rhino skin is lacking – for example I took out the DK into a pug, and it was Gundrak.  The ranged DPS pulled the purple-spewing mob all over the place, and I barely got a hit in.  There were a few sarcastic comments and then a stream of nub DK comments, and then I dropped party, embarrassed and feeling pretty humiliated.  All she’s done since then is to cut gems.

As for the holy paladin – well, apart from the healer needing to be on their toes with mad chainpulling tanks and crazy DPS, the main concern I have is that I would get confused with my key combinations, and thus make playing Cress a lot harder.  I mean, I have got to the stage where I do not have to think about my keybinds when the bars look like *that* and so I’d hate to lose any of that.

In other news, Team Pirate managed to 8man Marrogar!  Because we could!  And we one-shot him!  Not quite sure why we thought we couldn’t 8-man Onyxia after that, but we didn’t.  And most of the team have now got their friendly-rep rings with Ashen Verdict, which is nice.

And I have donated 4 primordial saronite to my favourite bear, so she can have some new boots made up

  1. Korenwolf
    05/04/2010 at 2:30 pm

    Onyxia needs a certain party make up, specifically more ranged for P2, as it happened I needed to deal with the ongoing work issue anyway :/

  2. Schizzle
    05/04/2010 at 7:51 pm

    It’s been great fun getting back into the game again, particularly the more relaxed heroic runs in the evening (although I do understand if those who’ve done more of them are getting a bit bored by now). However, after raiding two Sundays on the trot, I should make it clear that I really can’t be anything other than an occasional raider.

    The problem is that Julie and I can’t both be on the raid, because one of us has to keep an eye on James. That in turn means that instead of Wow being something we can do together, it becomes something that keeps us apart. We spent ~2 years alternating raid nights and only really realised what a bad idea it was when we stopped. I can’t go back to that, and for all that it was a lot of fun, Sunday’s raid was beginning to feel that way. James wanted Daddy to go out and play with him in the sunshine, and I didn’t.

    So Elune bless you, and good luck in ICC. BB and I will be around for heroic mashing together in the evenings after James is in bed. I may step into a very occasional raid, but it really, really won’t be often.

    • korenmolen
      06/04/2010 at 12:49 pm

      I agree with what you say – you want to do things together. That makes a lot of sense. This activity takes up your unallocated-to-children time and therefore should be spent as you want. If you want to spend the time together, then you should.

      As it happens, I would like to propose Tuesday evenings as a WoW night – whether it be for heroics, or 5manning old raids (wot I have never seen). I do not know how it sits with the rest of AB – but that is (apart from Sunday evening) the only night in the week when I am not at class, or potentially on EO raids.

      Would some time after 8pm UK time/9pm server time suit you? That gives a maximum of 4 hours, more likely 3 hours.

      • Peter Ellis
        06/04/2010 at 6:46 pm

        It’s plausible at a stretch. James’s bedtime is 8:30 UK time, but he’s not usually fully settled till 9:00. A little bit of overlap wouldn’t unmanageable though. Tuesdays is currently my pub quiz night with people from work, but again that’s not a must-have. Really depends how things are set with the rest of AB.

  3. Kayla
    07/04/2010 at 11:07 pm

    I’m going to suggest to Mark that he do an LJ post to guage preferences for day/time-of-day and see what we can do to shuffle things to suit people – it doesn’t need to be set in stone. Some weeks a different day or time might be more acceptable to more people. After all, AB is not (and doesn’t want to be) a progression raiding guild. None of us want that stress and aggro, so there’s no “you must be here at X time without fail!” So… there’s room for change and will prod our illustrious raid leader to make a post (possible on Paw prints, possibly on LJ, probably both).

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