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Min-max raiding

The fantastic tree healer from EO has decided to move on to pastures new – for which I am truly sad. And hope we can stay in touch. He has always been the quiet, humorous voice in healer chat, and has been truly encouraging.

But perhaps his new raiding life will involve no officer role – and therefore less stress – and he will not have to do all the officering duties of being supportive, nice, never saying in public that which should be kept private – and above all, moving to a guild where they are unashamedly progression raiders – where you are expected to know the tactics before you turn up, be flasked, have appropriate gems and enchants and other raid consumables, have gear with a minimum ilvl of 245 before making an application, and be prepared to work hard. I suspect that the top-end progression guild is rather less social, rather more cutting edge – all those words which can also mean rather less forgiving, rather less generous, rather more two-faced greasy-pole climbing. Rather like a litigation department – all wit and sharp edges, no heart. Been there. Done it.

Meanwhile, the guild that remains does consider itself to be a progression guild. Sort of. A friendly social progression guild. Some would say hard core – but then others not. We are now in mid April and have not completed Lich King on normal 25 man mode. We are a guild that finds it difficult to execute fights well – it takes a bit of practice for everyone to be facing the right direction, going to the right place. Mea culpa – I have got my ice tombs on Sindragosa in the wrong place. And it took me a while to work out how to dodge flubber, and acid spew, and the revelation that standing closer to Sindy before she does her icy breath cycle was a good one – I could not work out why I kept dying before (pro-tip – the closer to the stairs you are, the more time you spend in the air flying towards her. You can even end up the other side of her. You’ll never be able to get back to the stairs, because your feet hit the ground too late for you to get the running started). But this is still a guild where you are expected to bring your own consumables, be correctly gemmed and enchanted, and to know your class well enough that you can make informed choices on bidding for new kit. And that your heals or DPS or tanking skills are sufficiently accurate, large or well controlled.

In complete contrast, Team pirate is lol-raiding. Where we bring the people who can make it, playing their preferred class, rather than what might be optimal for a 10-man raid makeup. Where we move on to doing something more fun, rather than wiping countless times – where crying over your computer is not encouraged, and is a sign of things having Gone Wrong, rather than You Suck, Suck it up, Do It Again until you Learn.

It is rather surprising we have managed so well – I really have not the slightest idea how much further we *can* go. The ICC buff is now at 10% and we have managed Marrowgar, Deathwhisper and Gunship. Rocket Bear! But why not try a little bit more? And a little bit more?

Team Pirate is not about knowing the strats before you go in, and I do not think the strats guides I put on here are read by anyone in the team – but hey – writing up the strats means I think more about the fights. And after all, the things I notice from a healing point of view are necessarily different from the DPS view – and if I am DPSing, tactics may be more important to know than “stay out of the poo, huge raid damage/huge tank damage, heal it”.

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