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Nothing to see, move along…

So, things seem to be going a bit stale – for some reason, no-one is really enthused any more. Lich King is not dead – well, of course he is, but we have not actually *killed* him, and everyone seems to be lacking in focus. People are starting their pre-cataclysm planning, and can’t really be bothered any more.

So – I *should* be finishing Eastern Kingdoms Loremaster. But it gets so dull doing loremaster when you are 80 – not much is a challenge, and it is a matter of ticking the boxes. But, oh, I have about 150 to go, then it is just getting the final group quests in Icecrown and I have the lot.

More importantly, I need to finish the classic dungeons and raids, and to see what happened in the BC dungeons and raids. I recently got taken on a gallivant round the Sunwell – because the login server was broken and we didn’t have enough to do LK – but I think it is 10mannable even without full raid geared people who know what they are doing. At some point, I have to invade Orgrimmar for Ragefire Chasm as well… Perhaps during the fire festival…

In the meantime, I have got distracted – I have been slowly levelling my druid – I don’t think I really like feral DPS – I want her to be a tree, and can’t really wait until she levels up so she can be – I think feral is probably the way to go though, as my heirlooms for her are all agi-sta based ones. And when I run out of rested, she can send through the BoA stuff to my roguelet – who is surprisingly, a lot more fun than last time I tried it. Neuri was intended to be a placeholder only, for a worgen. But… I had loads of spare triumphs, so I bought some heirlooms and gave them to her, and now she is over 20, has her own mechanostrider, and is slicing things up thoroughly. The heirlooms seem to make a lot of difference – and on her, they actually give damage, as opposed to just stats, so everything is over rather quickly. She does die, but not as often as she should. It’s like the ICC Wrynn buff – an extra cushion of awesome to make the levelling a lot easier. Just so long as nobody is fooled that this is the way it *should* be, that’s alright…

OTOH, my shammie is stuck – I cannot seem to get to grips with things – she gets hurt even when she is attacking groups of mobs 4 levels below her. The likelihood of her facing a yellow rated elite of the same level as her and winning is slim to negligible. She’s probably never leaving the bank again… Maybe I should level her up as a healer through LRD Ho ho.

I have also started some lol characters on other realms – I have the DK on Veknilash that we set up when the Earthen Ring server went down and my guild was trying to do heroics – that was an exercise in how quickly you can level a DK to the outside world – between one and a half hours and two before we were all out and in Orgrimmar.

And I have started up Horde alts on Argent Dawn. Two of them have joined Single Abstract Noun, and the rest are part of a Horde version of AB – it’s somewhere to go when you’re researching foreign cities – and I have to admit, it makes a change actually having to read the quest text, rather than just checking it to see that you need 4 of those, 4 of those and 4 of those, whilst you run to the area you know you need to get to. And where the optimal levelling paths have not been laid out for you by levelling 6 Alliance toons to 80 already…I have no idea whether I will level them all up “abroad” so to speak – and get to see the real end-game difference, where the racials *must* make a difference to performance – those horde racials seem to be so much more interesting, damage wise, than the Alliance ones.

I’m wondering whether the horde-side on AD is less tolerant of noobs though – I was working my way through the quest where you kill the three named mobs in Northwatch keep. There was a troll hunter there, of my level – so I let him deal with one tower, and I moved on. As I approached *my* tower, he send a group invitation, without initiating conversation. I cancelled it, and he then proceeded to pull the whole of the top ledge, then the tower, using proximity aggro. He then got to the top of the tower, killed the mob, by which time, they were all returning back to the tastiest orc morsel they could find. Me. What a nub. I had to run away, putting pet on passive, until they reset. And he strolled up and requested a group again. This time I agreed, because I think it would waste time if I have to wait for the third tower mob to respawn. And after it dies, he throws himself off the top of the tower and away. I still have two tower mobs to do, thanks to his (admittedly rather expertly done) aggro-them-all-dump-them-on-the-nub tactic.

I guess he’d done these quests so many times they are about as stimulating as the ones I know in Loch Modan (Chok’sul, anyone?), Westfall (just one more Defias type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) or Ashenvale (oh, don’t make me go down those tunnels… arggggg), and he just wanted in and out and I was convenient. I don’t know – the lack of conversation did bother me. I am clearly a social. I take pleasure in the odd “hi – can I join you?” and “thanks, see you later” exchange. It makes the game work better for me, even through the actual grouping achieves the same thing. That doesn’t make me emo or a slacker. So nyer.

  1. Kayla
    22/04/2010 at 5:29 pm

    It’s been a while, but when I last did the Northwatch Hold stuff I was on my baby druid. A warrior turned up, it was obvious we were on the same quests, he threw an invite without comment, I accepted, we breezed through and I had no issues with it – _except_ when he started the escort quest before we’d finished killing the named guys in the various towers. Which meant a very very sodding slow wander all the way back to Ratchet with the escortee at which point I decided I’d go back and finish the rest off another time. Whether I accept an /invite without prior comment depends entirely on a) is the person inviting me actually within range and b) is it apparent that we’re after the same mob(s). Hells, I will sometimes throw a /invite if someone wanders up while I am mid-kill on a quest target. The social niceties are nice when they happen, but in some circumstances aren’t essential. Getting a /invite while standing around in a town/town or running down a road, well, no, you’d better tell me first why you want to group. But in the middle of an obvious quest area where there’s only one reason for anyone of my faction to be there? I’ll take the /invite and be happy that I don’t have to hang around waiting for respawns 🙂

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