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Progression Raiding

I’m not sure why people choose to join progression raiding guilds and then fail to sign up for the progression nights.

The thing is, I can’t see how any progress, in life or otherwise, is made without pain. Unless someone is holding your hand though it all – or carrying you.

The thing with Team Pirate is that at least two of the 10 are active progression raiders – not in a HC guild, but in a guild which is working on 25 LK – and which dealt with the TOGC and ICC in level appropriate gear. Two further members of the team have been in the same progression raid guild, but have now left for RL reasons which are totally reasonable and valid. Those that remain are not progression raiders, and prefer not to be. This is why Team Pirate works – we are in it for the fun – not to see new content, but to yomp our way round the place, seeing the sights, getting some shiny daggers and so on, seeing a bear with a rocket strap-on. Team Pirate is one where if it is not *fun* then it has failed. Effort is expected, attendance is expected if you said you could come, positive mental attitude is expected, up to the third wipe.

That’s different from EO – where we are doing progression raiding – by which I mean that no-one in the team has done the fights successfully before on 25man – we are all at the frontier of discovery together. Being at the frontier means failing continually until we win. And failing together in good spirit is what it is all about. Failing to the same thing again and again is a little bit full – failing a little less each time is more encouraging. Learning a new fight is painful. But so much better when you feel you have it down pat, and you have had the time to fail in company, rather than letting the side down because everyone knows the fight better than you.

Yesterday, our progression fight was called off, due to lack of attendance by sign-ups and unexpected unsigns. I am not surprised that people don’t sign up so eagerly for the wipe nights – because it is nothing but gold spent on repair bills. But wipe nights are needed – and I want to be there for the Lich King First Kill – and yesterday put me one step further away. And the thing is – this is a cooperative effort – we need all 25 people to not only sign, but to turn up when they have signed.

Why do people not want the hard stuff, if they join a progression guild? I can understand it if they want happy fun times, but this is not the time and place. Maybe it is pre-expansion bleurgh.

  1. Peter Ellis
    25/04/2010 at 2:41 pm

    One of the key problems I think is that while wipe nights can be fun and rewarding, and are also necessary, a whole raid of wiping is counterproductive. After about the first 2-3 hours, in my experience you stop learning. In fact, not only do you not learn anything new after the first 2-3 hours, tiredness makes you actually start repeating mistakes to the point where you’re getting worse, not better.

    Unfortunately, when you’re working on the end boss of a dungeon, there’s no way to split up the progression content across days: everything has to die before you get to it. In my view, this marks a failure in Blizzard’s dungeon design. At least 50% of the bosses in any dungeon should be skippable, so you can spread them through the raiding week at will.

    • Korenwolf
      26/04/2010 at 9:31 am

      Which is where to a degree they got Ulduar right, with at least a couple of bosses which could be ignored and wandered back to, get the kill in, share loots and then back to the annoying dude.

      TotC had the same but I think by accident, having Onyxia re-released meant there was a spare raid instance for the killing, and having heroic and normal mode on different lockouts allowed the raid to be split between clears of the two.

      ICC… everything has to be cleared, joy.

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