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Be careful what you wish for

Some time ago, I expressed an interest in shadow DPS – it’s what I like to do in my heroic time, and also, given the chance, in any 10 man run. And, since we are at the end of the current expansion, I’ve been offered the opportunity to give it a go.

The paranoid in me wonders whether it is a matter of my heals not being good enough. The part of me that has tried at something and then failed (anyone remember my last workplace?) wonders whether it looks like a fantastic opportunity, but when it comes down to it, is not..

I do want to try a DPS spot, and the offer is open to me to try it for a fortnight – I would be on trial with them as well, of course – and at the end of the fortnight, if I was no good or didn’t like it, I could still have my healing spot. But if I did decide I liked it, then I could not come back – they would fill my healing spot (as it is, there is a holy priest who would like to go on trial with us).

I like the DPS – I’m just not sure I would like the environment in the DPS channel – so as an intermediate step, I am allowed to lurk in the chat channel to see the sort of conversations they have – if they sound as bad as I think they might, then I’ll know that I would never enjoy it. That can last for one whole week – then I need to decide whether to go on a DPS trial for a fortnight or not.

At the end of it, perhaps it will satisfy my itch to pew-pew. Make me glad to be a healer, and stop wondering whether I *could* actually do it. In the meantime, I look at my dummy DPS and think that it is just nowhere near what it should be in a raid – and wonder whether I would just sink to the bottom of the DPS pool – which would make me unhappier than if I had never jumped ship…

Oh – and this would mean that officially Z is in charge of me. This might be traumatic in itself…

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