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Still on the fence

And this is my holy sig…

And I’m thinking that perhaps I would not enjoy the meter-hugging of DPS – or the patronising comments of at least one person I can think of… that would take from the enjoyment.

And this is not a good time for me personally to be making large changes. I think perhaps this is a grass-is-greener thing… I do like what I have in healing – I just have this *crush* on DPS.

Mind you I cannot heal through everything. Last night the DKs decided to put me in my place. I was getting bored in HoS, so there was some chain pulling going on – which was fine. We all decided to stand in the maiden’s black nasty – which was fine. But sadly, I could not keep them alive when they stood in the fire-beam (oh noes, fail healer) and when they had 14+ stacks of lightning nasty from those lightning swirls – I had to choose one of the two suicidal DKs to save – the other one died. Oh dear. Clearly I am not IMBA. OTOH, Malfeasant’s mitigation is getting good…

Maybe I should try healing one of the new ICC5mans…

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