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Blacksmith patterns! and Cataclysm planning

Given the right materials, Cresside can now make the ICC plate DPS boots and legs, and the holy paladin plate boots and legs. I didn’t buy the tanking plate patterns – I might in time.

So, now this means I need to chain run some heroics in order to get money – because I am now unaccountably short. And perhaps to wipe up a few quests in northrend on Kenau, to bring in a bob or two. So I can make up the boots and trousers for both kenau and peterselie – leaving them better prepared for cata. If I can get the mats together, then I could get the ToC cuffs and chest made up as well for them – but that might take considerably more effort – my BS supplies are quite low.

I’m also contemplating getting the tailoring boots for Bieslook – but I don’t think the primo saronite budget will stand it…

whilst stockpiling leather for my druid when she reaches 80…

In addition to getting Cresside through the final loremaster quests in EK and Northrend before cataclysm, as well as the scepter chain (I get so lost in undercity – how will I ever find the right place? argggh)

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