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New druid

Nessalda reached 80 on the 30th May.

She has now managed to get herself sufficient gear to make it into heroic dungeons, but the DPS is far from stellar… She is one of those ones that the higher level types *sigh* over – that is unless they remember the distant memory of reaching 80…

Of course I could go out and get lots of crafted stuff – and the temptation is great.

But I still need to get the crafted stuff made for PS – hardly seems reasonable to do that for my fresh druid…

Funny thing though – I pugged the random and got occ – and the healer dropped out after we wiped once on the endboss dragon – it was pretty close to not wiping (bad synchronisation of timestops) so we would have done it the second time. We waited for a replacement healer. We get the same healer that custarded out on us. Poor guy – guess he thought he was cool with dropping party the first time – no debuff, bound to pick up a new group soon, g’bye suckers. Except. No.

The second attempt was an ToC run – during which the tank realised he had queued for the wrong level – and that it was normal. On the termination of the dungeon, the group did not completely disband, and when he requeued for the random heroic, I managed to squeeze in by accident. AN. Which was nice.

Isn’t it weird how people roll need on things *just because they can*? I asked if I could need for offspec on Annahyde’s ring in UK(H) and the shaman rolled need on it. Since the shaman was the healer, that makes sense. Except, they were already outgearing the instance. So had better… I don’t think that the vendor value is that high either.

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  1. Korenwolf
    02/06/2010 at 3:48 pm

    Morons needing on stuff “because they can” – This is what recount is for, it gives you their name and realm in a nicely logged format for adding to your ignore list.

    DPS, anyone bitches, ignore them, they initiate a kick… we’re back to recount and the ignore list again. Want to get evil on their arses? Get the friendly pugging tanks to add them to the /ignore >:)

    Gear, slack and get gear through badges. It’s not possible to massively gear everything, the priest will remain relatively poorly geared.

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