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moar alts!

Erm. There’s a guy in EO who has two accounts. And he has a selection of alts – all on Earthen Ring, of every class and race.

And some consider him to be a no-lifer.

Me, on the other hand – well, I have come to the realisation that WoW is just keeping me sane – stopping me from entering this panic – filled world of aaaargh – which I’ll not go into here…

But I wonder whether having two accountgs is actually as bad as it seems?

I have rolled up several alts on the Argent Dawn server, two of whom have joined the Single Abstract Noun guild, and at least one of whom has joined the AB (AD) division.

But somehow, ER still feels like home. And, there is the possibility of transferring BoA items merely by using the postal system, rather than having to send a mule across, loaded up with gear, then faction transfer. All of which I have done. Now I have my hunter BoA and my caster BoA stuff over on AD – and I can’t get them back to ER except by sending a mule back.

Except I have now used up all 10 slots for character creation on ER…

And my little army is kind of useful. Because I like to be self-sufficient enough to not rely too much on other people, I now have:

PS – 80 holy paladin – engineering/sharding maxed
K – 80 unholy DK mining/JC maxed
C – 80 holy/shadow Priest Alchemy (Elixir)/blacksmith maxed
N – 80 drood (sort of feral) Alchemy (transmute)/herbs – maxed
S – 80 hunter (BM) skinner/lw maxed
H – 80 hunter (BM) scribe/herbs maxed
B – 80 arcane/frost mage tailor/skinner maxed

So, I have most of the crafting bases covered. Although I don’t have all the epic recipes, I have a few. And going into Cata, I have the three main gathering professions.

I also have:

M – shaman – banker – 36 and unlikely to go higher
N(2) rogue – 36 and probably will go higher

and, in a moment of madness, I made a cow.

Completely wrong. It was meant to be a placeholder for my Cataclysm worgen, and I have already reached level 15 with her. And I am fascinated with her. And this may be bad, because she is all on her own, has no guild or banking facilities, no network of crafting support – all wrong, wrong, wrong. The only thing she has is heirloom shoulders, mace, chest and trinket. All agility gear. And I am contemplating levelling her as resto in dungeons. Which could be painful. Some of these old world dungeons take *ages*. And it is so easy to get lost in them.

Somehow, it’s weird though – the trade channel seems to be less asinine than on alliance side. And more helpful. Actually had someone discussing the finer merits of a purchase (which is better, the T9 legs, or foo-trinket) without mockery or derision. Perhaps I am hitting horde-side trade chat on a good day.

Maybe I just have to delete the shammie banker… Tis pity she’s a hawt drenai… Something happens to her and she turns into a worgen?

It’s either that, or get another account. Blizz is unlikely to make more character slots for us all.

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  1. Korenwolf
    07/06/2010 at 10:49 am

    Let’s see…

    K – 80, tankadin, main
    U – 80, tree, other main
    W – 80, warlock, yet another main
    N – 80, DK tank/dps, yet another main
    T – 80, priest, toy alt
    Y – 73, hunter, levelling
    W – 30someting, shammie, levelling
    N – 60something, rogue, bank alt
    ? – cow druid, toy
    F – <10, mage, toy

    and of course a number of DKs out on other servers and the 80 mage

    Lots of lovely alts.

    • korenmolen
      07/06/2010 at 12:00 pm

      well, I’ve sort of completed my “bank” of alts for making all the necessary stuff. I have one raiding main. I have 1 raiding alt. I have one alt who is geared enough to survive ICC5mans, and then 3 who I dare not pug on (wish I could get some confidence for that). And I have a max levelled, but ungeared at all 80, whose main purpose is to provide scrolls and herbs and who exists for no other reason.

      M – well – I can’t get to grips with playing a shammie. Just doesn’t do it for me.

      What is surprising to me is how some of them grab you and make you want to play and play and play – and how others seem like a chore.

      Cress was like that – just couldn’t stop playing her. And Ness, for at least the last 25 levels, and probably a bit before. And the new cow – well – it’s strangely compulsive. I play Cress less for fun now, partly because I *have* to run on her, for upwards of 4 hours, three days a week. That’s why I like the shadow spec- it is the “fun” spec.

      But I now have no vacant spot to put someone if I have to migrate money/heirlooms back from another server… And no hordeside guild or banker. Just flying by the seat of my sexy cow pants. Wheee!

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