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My rogue experiment is going well – but at the moment, I am coasting along – the XP gains on completion of quests meant that I am *still* in Searing Gorge – despite being 54 or thereabouts.

I have nipped into Silithus and Winterspring for the fires, but that’s about it. Not set foot in Aszhara even. At this rate, I’ll be in Outlands before I have even been into the Plaguelands…

I have rolled up an undead rogue, for giggles, and my cow is still there. What with the move, I have been hard pressed to do much except to complete Flamewarden on Cress. It would be nice if I could get the outland flamewarden done on all the level 80s, since it is so quick to do, and pretty painless. And easy money.

It’s kind of difficult to remember where Cress was, this time last year – using Warcraft Realms, I can see that this time last year, she was level 23 – the serious levelling started (questing just about all the way, iirc) June 28 09 – a month later she was 43. A further month later, she was 76, and hit 80 Sept 8th. I remember at the time that I had to force myself not to play her, because I was enjoying it so much… But it’s no wonder she didn’t get Flamewarden last year, when I think about it…

So, I *might* manage to get Neuri to 80 before the expansion comes out… But will my cow be able to do it *as well*?

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