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Tamarind has made a post amplifying a comment I made on a post on righteous orbs about Elitism…

Where I commented about wishing that EO had managed to get LK25 with only the 10% buff – I think we got it at 20% or more.  It’s hard to go and check now.

I apologised if this comment made me sound elitist, which is the point of the post – at what point did comments about achievements become a marker of elitism – at what point is pride in success elitism, and is the epithet elitist applied by those who envy, those who succeed, and is it something of which one should be ashamed, or just shrug off, as being a comment made to attack the legitimacy of a person’s position, as so many do.

I think elitism has negative connotations because it has, at its base, the exclusion of those who are not-good-enough:  there has to be a threshold, and to be elitist means to set this high.  And those who are not part of the club and who wish they were/consider that they should be/consider that they are certainly good enough to be, given x, y, z etc feel bitter about it.  Once within a certain set of people, it is easy to refine the classes of the select still further.  Perhaps this longing for group membership is part of human nature – certainly belonging to a select group has examples in history showing how it has shaped cultures.

So, what is it when you are proud of what you have done, but don’t think you are special, or worthy of extra consideration, but just did the best you could, again and again, until the task was accomplished?  What is it when you read blogs, try to decipher Elitist Jerks forum threads, run your toon through Simcraft and try to get closer to the theoretical maximum for your gear, try to gem correctly/enchant correctly – is that elitism?

Is it elitism when you judge others as not being good enough?  Because that’s the difficult part – who is good enough and who is not.  And gear is not a measure of that, nor is it even indicative any more.  I judge my own alts to be underperforming in relation to their gear.  Is it elitist to expect a certain amount of DPS/threat/heals from a toon/player, given gear levels?

So – my original thought about LK25 on a 10% buff – I think EO could have done it.  But learning the fight mechanics themselves was the issue, not the amount of healing/health/DPS involved.  Just learning how to move and when and getting everyone dedicated enough to learn it all was the issue.  But by the time we had learned that, the buff was a lot higher.  I think we could have done it, but there is no chance of testing that theory now.

And meanwhile the buff in ICC reaches proportions that are simply amazing.   When you come out again and start RS or even somewhere like Naxx, the meters are like jumping into a cold swimming pool after a sauna – a bit of a shock…

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  1. 06/07/2010 at 4:59 pm

    I take a different view, achievements, progression and the like are markers of when a particular milestone was reached. Hitting them early isn’t a marker for elitism, it’s a marker for hitting the milestone.

    However e-peen waving, “you’re a scrub because your gs is < $mine", etc etc and believing that you are intrinsicly better than someone else for reaching those milestones before them (or ever) is a strong sign of elitism.

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