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How to keep interested, now WoLK is dying…

It’s hardly new to be commenting on the sense of ennui that is part of the late WoLK game – there has been a downward spin since Easter.

My raiding guild did not down the Lich King until the ICC Wrynn buff was at 20% – and I am pretty sure that the guild has not downed the Boss more than *once*.

This is particularly hard for those who were unavailable that night, or who were patiently on standby, and who were part of all the progression nights of dying horribly. And for me – well, I do not wear my Kingslayer title with pride, because I saw a portion of the fight from the floor (I know, those raging spirits got me, how dumb).

The thing is, killing something once is hardly the thing. Killing it often is a sign that you can do it. And Lichy is a technique fight. Even after Cataclysm hits, and we all get to replace our 277 epics with quest greens, Lichy will still be difficult – just as Heigan is still fatal even when you are in 277 gear, if you’re Doing It Wrong…

The ennui is a killer – you almost wonder why you bother to log on and play the game. What to do, whilst the world is empty, whilst your crafting mats cease to have value, and whilst your scheduled raid fails through inadequate signings?

Level another alt? That’s something that won’t be wasted with the expansion? use the Primordial Saronite to make trousers or boots for your worst-equipped alt, to make the levelling easier in the expac?

Cresside is a relatively new character – levelling was easy, particularly after level 20 – and she rarely stepped outside the questing path to do dungeons. She levelled before the dungeon finder, so avoided all the dungeon quests as well.

Yesterday, I finally worked out, with M, how to navigate round BRD. We collected our MC attunement quest, eventually found the end boss, carelessly gathered the whole room and mindseared them to bits.

I have a feeling that there are several quest strands in BRD, but at least I know my way around now.

So, that’s one dungeon from my “explore Blackrock Mountain before it disappears” list – and I may be back…

For the Spires…

I’m finding this exploration quite fun – because normally, I am like a passenger in the sense that I do not determine the direction that a group is going in a dungeon – I follow the tank, who presumably knows where he is going. In these dungeons, there is no guide, just dead bodies showing that we have been here recently, or empty spaces where they have just melted away. Navigating by “oooh, look, these arn’t dead yet! excitement” is great – a whole world away from the ennui.

As for money – well, I know I could make the same amount of gold by doing a round of tournament dailies – and it would be quicker – but there is a reasonable amount of bodies to loot, which all drop a small handful of silver, the odd bit of cloth, or disenchantable item – and there is less of the grindy-grindy about it all.

I think it’s the grindy-grindiness that has led to the ennui, to a certain extent – I blame Trial of the Crusader for that – the single-room raid instance, with nothing much epic about it except the improved loot table. Compared to Naxx and Ulduar, it had no presence, no artistry, no metaphorical *windows* – and I think it killed a lot of enthusiasm – by the time ICC appeared, a lot of people were relieved to leave there, but again, some were fed up.

The 10/15 10H/25H separate locks on an instance that was the game equivalent of a gym (exercise for reward, grind for benefit) rather than an epic experience helped bring that sense of sadness.

I am convinced that if the 10 man raid plans go through into Cataclysm, and if my 25man raiding guild implodes as a result, I will not be raiding in Cataclysm. But I have had a completely fantastic experience in this expansion – the raiding guild has been professional, supportive, mature, and I have learned how to raid. And how to holy priest. And how to shadowpriest. There is always more for me to learn, but I’ve come a long way

  1. Tam
    27/07/2010 at 1:37 pm

    I am learning how to tonk – which is, errr, painful for everyone else 🙂

    I’m really enjoying the opportunity to pay proper visits to vanilla dungeons though – being able to navigate BRD feels awesome. And we’re trying to do the same with Dire Maul at the moment. Ouch.

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