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talent.mmo-champion.com – priest – 10/31/0 – holy priest build

This is an update post to https://timefortincan.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/cataclysm-talents-holy-priest/

talent.mmo-champion.com – priest – 10/31/0.

This is my second attempt at a holy priest build.

For some reason, my earlier link has gone horribly wrong – the underlying talents have shifted, and the point allocation has gone wrong – resulting in me spending a talent in mana burn (not something I need at all in PvE, so I know this wasn’t what I meant)

I’m still upset at not being able to choose Inner Focus from the Disc tree, and I’ve still gone for Evangelism and Archangel for their potential mana regen skills.

So, as follows:

Rank 1:

Improved Renew 2/2

Empowered Healing 3/3 (this tooltip says that Flashheal, Heal and Binding Heal gain an additional 9% of bonus healing, and Gheal 18%.  Since I use fheal and bheal now (and heal is supposed to increase heal choices in cata) this seems a more useful choice than in my current build.)

Rank 2:

Improved Healing 3/3 – not a brilliant choice here, but the points need to be spent somewhere.

Inspiration 3/3 – one of my favourite healing spells – even if it doesn’t show up on meters as mitigation and make me look good, *I* know it’s there – my Grid is set up to show those who have the buff, and on the times when my assignment includes extra love for tanks, I try to keep this up as much as possible.

Rank 3:

Empowered Renew 3/3

I tend to use Renew a lot as a filler spell whilst POM and CoH are on CD – and if CoH is going to have a much longer CD now, then I can splash more people with a little extra renew.  Even if ther are druids in the raid, my renew still counts for a fair amount of effective healing.

Deliverance 3/3

Has the old icon for serendipity, and has a similar effect – hasting the casting of your next Gheal or PoH – triggered by Fheal and Bheal.  But the effect is immediate and stacks up to 3 times.

Rank 4:

Healing Prayers – 1/1

SoR (failangel) 1/1 – look ma, I’m still healing, still healing, still ergh <flop>

Holy Concentration 3/3

Rank 5:

Lolwell 1/1 Have to take this in the new holy talent build, in order to have access to Chakra.  So, it was just a blip when I tried this last time.  Hope there is some use for this.  I mean, maybe Group 2 (healers) can use it.  Because at least healers don’t mind an extra source of healing, and we use raidframes and mouseover macros or Clique so could, feasibly, use this.  As things stand, the only way people would use it, is if a raid assist had it targeted…

Body and Soul 2/2 I’ve become a bit of a fan of this – the cleanse bonus works well for me in 5 mans and the speed increase is useful on wiping, and chasing after tanks that are determined to test my healing-through-walls/healing-from-the-other-end-of-the-street skills.  I’ve also used it to buff one of the chain red-line debuffed people in BQL, on tanks running in to Sindy when we have no disc

Rank 6:

Circle of Healing. 1/1  Signature spell.  Love it and squeeze it and call it George

Chakra 3/3 New spell system:

When you use Prayer of Healing, Renew or Heal three times in a row, you will enter a Chakra state empowering you for 20 seconds.  You can only be in one chakra state at a time.

There are 4 chakra states – PoH, Renew, Heal and Smite.

PoH:  Heal x6%.  CD reduced by a massive 1.5 seconds.  I can see a mini rotation of flash x3, POHx3 for a massive raid spike of damage.

Renew: Heal x6% GCD reduced by 0.3 second.  http://www.wowhead.com/spell=25222/renew is an instant cast spell now – Does this mean that, when hasted up to the max, a renew can be cast every 0.7 seconds?  It makes choosing Fheal or Renew even more critical – inspiration does not proc on Renew, and Deliverance is triggered by fheal and bheal.

Heal: Crit effect increased by 3%, Heal has 60% chance to refresh your renew on the target.  So a mini-rotation or spell-casting cluster might be Renew followed by 3xHeal (which may proc Inspiration and also your Holy Concentration through the increased crit.  And then perhaps a bubble or a pom before the next renew spell-cycle?  I guess it depends on whether the basic spell cluster takes longer than 15 seconds (the duration of renew unglyphed)

Smite:  Total Holy and shadow damage increased by 9%

Test of Faith 1/3 – one of those shifting priorities with Body and Soul – depends on how much overheal you get, I suppose.

Top Rank:

Guardian Spirit 1/1 – the more I use it, the more I love it.  Again, the  40% increased healing effect does not make my meters look good, because I usually throw it on a tank that is taking a pounding, and I am not a tank healer, but it is a wonderful feeling when it procs and I know it saved a tank life – it’s pretty heartwarming when I see the healthbar of the tank stop flickering with uncertainty on Grid.  And useful when I know that the tank healer is indisposed (so useful when the tank healer shouts “use your cooldowns, <tankname>” over vent) to throw this on to help out.  Glyphing it was the best thing I ever did 🙂

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