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Kingslayer (2)

Last night was the second time I was present when the Lich King was killed – only on 25 normal, but still a bit of an achievement.

And this time I did not get nommed by Vile Spirits and ran like a mad thing.  And was alive until 10%.  And the tank cried out for Guardian Spirit, and got it (not sure if it mattered, but it was present when he called for it)

So this time I earned my Kingslayer title.

The really strange part of it is that the pity buff is now 10% greater than when we first downed him, at the end of May – and so he went down so quick that the transitions were something of a surprise – happened far more quickly than I expected from my memory of last time.

It’s the strangest feeling – we are all geared up to the nines, and so we should be able to have a decent crack on heroic LK (not to mention PP and saurfang) but everyone is careless and not concentrating.

There is a title reward for getting Lichy down on 25man heroic – I don’t think anyone on the realm has done it yet, so perhaps there is still some lure there.  But I doubt it – there are not enough who really want it – most seem to be wanting to go off and play Starcraft.

Now, I think it is unlikely that Team Pirate will come back and get this on 10man – we just wouldn’t stand the constant wipes needed to learn the defile/valkyr:  I could be wrong, but I reckon Ruby Sanctum would be easier.

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