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Trial night

So, first raid night with new guild.

ICC10 normal (shame Kingslayer 25 doesn’t unlock heroic 10 really).

I didn’t bring enough candles 😦  For the first time in ages, I went in with only a stack.  Spec changing ruins my candle consumption.  I think there is already an EO guild called “you no take candle” because otherwise I should rename my banking guild…

So, kind of strange really.  EO has this system (I guess this is how 25man raiding differs – you have to have systems, rather than ad hoc ways of doing things) where you have dedicated healer chat channels, class channels and then the raid channel.   Where there is a bit of healing strategy, the healers can talk amongst themselves about what they were doing, and adjust it.  The healing officer of the day will set assignments (the same in the DPS channels etc).  Where there is a difficulty, this can be addressed in the channel, rather than the whole raid having a bit of a barney.

So, I  felt a bit of a numpty having to ask whether I was DPS or healing for a particular encounter, or whether I was healing right side, left side or whatever – or, *facepalm* whether this was a 3 healer fight or not (I really got confused between the names of the two caster druids – one a tree, one a chicken).

One wipe, a mispull, but otherwise a clean run – there were clear explanations, no shouting, some people had done the bosses before, some not – I have done the first four on 10man quite a few times, but the rest on 10man not that often.  Some of the pulls were more cautious than I had expected – I am so used to EO casually zerging the 25 man trash (who cares if you get a little bit singed/poisoned – that’s what healers are for) that using CC on the trash up to Council and BQL was unexpected.   Although, not using a LOS pull on the trash into the council room was something I have not experienced:  I’ve never been at the front up with the tank with my shackle ready and waiting…

The whole arrangement is so casual, but that doesn’t mean they were not serious – I mean, no-one was messing around, and we got as far as Sindy, but with not enough time to get more than one pull at her.

I quite like them – it’s early days yet, but I am slightly worried they think I am waving a wowcock…  I *have* been working on the gear now for 9 months, so it ought to be reasonably good.  But if you mostly run 10mans, and don’t get to go into 25mans, then when you reach your ceiling of what gear drops you can have, then looking at the 25man gear must seem like another level.  This has to be the evil that Blizz is seeking to cure in Cataclysm – even if it was the final nail in the coffin for the 25 man guild that was EO.

I have no idea how long this trial will last,  who will be telling me whether I have passed or failed, how long to wait and find out – nothing of that nature is written on their website – again, so unlike the systems in EO where you got a 4 month (extendable if necessary) trial.  Some people failed rather sooner than that if they were not deemed to be a good fit for the team on a social basis.

The good thing about this guild is that they are not so *tired* and *jaded* and*fed up* and *shouty*.  That was the downside of EO – the officers were so fed up with having to make people behave properly and efficiently.  And being closer to the front end of progression raiding makes the work harder – less of a cushion for error when your gear only just matches the content – and some raiders just don’t find that level of challenge to be comfortable.

So, I don’t know.   But they do seem nice…

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  1. Tam
    23/08/2010 at 2:29 pm

    I very often no take candle too 😦

    There seems to be some terrible anti-mathematical candle field; I find I either have ZERO or EIGHT MILLION. Never a reasonable number like 35.

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