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Back! And Cataclysm

Back from just over a week away to find AH mail stuffing up the inboxes, and a terrible craving to do all sorts of WoW things – get on with collecting rep for factions that will be removed in Cataclysm (Zandalar Tribe), look for mounts that will go in Cataclysm (Baron’s mount, Zulian Tiger).

And level the rogue to 80.

And try and get my ICC10 raiding completed  – I think the new guild are learning the LK fight faster than EO did – but then there are only 10 to move out of the defile and in for the Valkyr – but getting below 30% shows it can be done.

And try out the beta key a bit more.  I have a few screenshots of my experiments so far…  including one which was taken for the spelling mistake that I thought was funny, (OK, I get my funnies from all sorts of things, but misspellings tickle me more than they should do, I spose).

The quest had some surprisingly sharp-toothed sharks in it.

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