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Cataclysm Beta: Cooking recipes and fishing

This is a first pass at the cooking recipes available in the Beta at present.  Unfortunately, I cannot read my own handwriting, so I’ll update the ingredients list when I have it.  I suspect there are more group foods available for raidbuffs as well.

These are all available for training from the Stormwind Cooking Trainer – located downstairs in the inn in Old Town, Stormwind (I only have alliance characters on the Beta, apart from my goblin…).

Although mining does not work in the beta just yet, fishing now does – and I have tried a few experimental casts in Hyjal – where I have found Striped Lurker, Mountain Trout and Sharptooth – Sharptooth requires a higher cooking skill to cook than the lurker and trout, but doesn’t provide a buff.

Blackened Surprise Toughened Flesh
Lavascale Minestrone Mastery 90, Expertise 90 Lavascale Catfish
Lavascale Fillet 60 Expertise 60 Stamina Lavascale Catfish
Broiled Mountain Trout 60 Haste, 60 Stamina Mountain Trout
Lightly Fried Lurker 60 Crit 60 Stamina Striped Lurker
Lurker Lunch 60 Dodge 60 Stamina Striped Lurker
Salted Eye 60 Mastery 60 Stamina Snake Eye
Seasoned Crab 60 Hit 60 Stamina Monstrous Claw
Whitecrest Gumbo 60 Spirit, 60 Stamina Blood Shrimp
Highland Spirits alcohol Highland pomegranate, Fresh Water
Feathered Lure Fishing +100 Delicate Serpent Wing
Hearty Seafood Soup 60 Str, 60 Stamina Blood Shrimp
Pickled Guppy 60 Int, 60 Stamina Highland Guppy
Tender Baked Turtle 60 Agi, 60 Stamina Giant Turtle
Baked Rockfish 90 Crit, 90 Stamina Algaefin Rockfish
Basilisk Liverdog 90 Haste, 90 Stamina Basilisk “Liver”
Beerbasted Crocolisk 90 Str, 90 Stamina Crocolisk Tail
Blackbelly Sushi 90 Parry, 90 Stamina Blackbelly Mudfish
Crocolisk au gratin 90 Expertise, 90 Stamina Crocolisk Tail
Delicious Sagefish Tail 90 Spi, 90 Stamina Deepsea Sagefish
Fishfry health Sharptooth
Grilled Dragon 90 Hit, 90 Stamina Dragon Flank
Mushroom Sauce Mudfish 90 Dodge, 90 Stamina Blackbelly Mudfish
Severed Sagefish Head 90 Int, 90 Stamina Deepsea Sagefish
Skewered Eel 90 Agi 90 Stamina Fathom Eel fish
Chocolate Cookie Satisfies desire for cookies Flour, Fresh Water, Cocoa Beans
Fortune Cookie 90 (useful) 90 Stamina Simple Flour, Mysterious ****
South Island Iced Tea 72000 mana Tropical Sunfruit, Fresh Water
  1. Tam
    07/09/2010 at 1:53 pm

    The thing that’s blowing my tiny mind right about now is the generic mana juice which returns **72000** mana. WAAAAAH!

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