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I am a member of ItP!  This was confirmed last night, and I tried to resist the urge to squee…

Sunday’s raid was not as successful as the one earlier in the week – I don’t really know why.  Perhaps there was a fair amount of server latency/lag – which really doesn’t help on dispels on the LK.  Perhaps there was not enough DPS being pumped out – the transitions seemed to take longer than I remember on 25man – to judge by the sound of the background music.

One thing surprised me – although we had two druids apart from the bear tank in the raid, we didn’t use the battlerez ability as much – wipes were called after one death had occurred  – even non-tank deaths.  Which means no margin for error at all.

We took a break and reset the instance and charged through – to shouts of “moar DPS, moar damage, why is <foo> still alive?” which was quite fun.  Mad but fun.  One of these days I should make up a tshirt – I should play a bit on Zazzle, I think.

I’m a bit sad I couldn’t keep up the blueberry tank, despite chaincasting – not being able to use shield makes life justa little harder.  I would have liked to use it, to see whether it really did affect the ability of the tank to hold the blueberries – I used to shield the warrior tank who blueberried on 25man, I’m sure.  I just can’t seem to get the throughput and keep moving.

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