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Cataclysm Beta travel tip: Vashj’ir

It’s quite easy to get to Vashj’ir the first time round – you follow the quest text and fantastic things happen, and there you are, starting zone of Vashj’ir.

If you decide to go to Hyjal instead, there is a similar questline to get you there.

But then, if you HS back to Dalaran, so you go home to your home city and training, how do you get back?

If you have chosen Hyjal, then if no portals appear to be activated, you can at least get to Moonglade and fly the rest of the way.  It’s harder to fly to the Maelstrom – and the boat doesn’t seem to work.

Right by the (redesigned) Auction House in Stormwind (you now have an entrance opposite the bank, rather than round the side – so much more efficient)  is an NPC standing on the corner.  She is Sister Ali, the transportation specialist, who can port you to both locations.  Problem solved.

[Edit: this Beta portal is no longer available. The place to go is outside the city, to the north, fairly close to the new re-vamped Keep. There, look for a new round structure – here are portals. The Earthen Ring shaman can give a quest here to go to Deepholm, as well as a PvP quest.]

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